Brett also cut his teeth in our industry with Broadwater Houseboats at Runaway Bay. Brett served 20 years managing Broadwater Houseboats before joining us in 2008. Brett runs our sales department and bait and tackle shop as well as briefing the houseboats. Brett is a very experienced all-rounder.
Brett Clarke
Sales – Bait & Tackle - Coxswain – Briefer
Sarah joined the Coomera team in 2014 and is part of our customer relations/sales team. Sarah is dedicated to helping our customers organise their great times away with us and can often be found out on the water herself on her days off.
Sarah Barrett
Customer Relations/Sales
Jason served his outboard motor apprenticeship with Broadwater Houseboats in the late 1980’s. He stayed with Broadwater Houseboats as a mechanic and briefer until he joined us at Coomera Houseboat Holidays in 1998. Jason has dedicated his entire working career to houseboat holidays.
Jason Topham
Manager Mechanical Services - Coxswain & Master V Mariner – Briefer
Sandra joined the Coomera Houseboats crew in 2003 and brought with her an extensive knowledge of customer service and smart business practises. Sandra’s goals are too make your before and after experiences with us as friendly, professional and seamless as possible.
Sandra Hansson
Office Manager

The rest of the crew

Overall Coomera Houseboats employ around 30 people to help ensure your holiday experience is everything you hoped it would be. Our staff includes:

Briefing staff:

We employ specialist briefing staff with minimum qualification of coxswain or Master V. it is vital to your safety that your briefer is knowledgeable and qualified to ensure your safe operating of the houseboats.

Mechanical staff:

With over 50 different engines operating within the Coomera Fleet it is essential we have qualified mechanics on our full time staff. The regular servicing of our equipment is essential for the safe and proper operation of our fleet.

Maintenance staff:

We employ many maintenance staff as the sea and the wind are very harsh on the boats and it is vital that our houseboats are always kept safe and well presented.

Cleaning staff:

At Coomera Houseboats we employ a small army of dedicated cleaning staff who understand your need to relax on a clean, comfortable and well-presented houseboat.

Ready for population Pictures of staff in Drop Box under their names.