10 Reasons Why Houseboats Beat Hotels for Gold Coast Accommodation

Holidaying on land simply can’t compete with the picturesque holiday a houseboat can offer. It’s time to break your routine and take a holiday with a difference. Houseboats are fun, easy to manoeuvre, and anyone over 18 can legally captain one (no license required!). Take a step away from the norm and make your next getaway, well, actually a getaway! We are giving you 10 reasons to say goodbye to city streets and become your own captain.

1) AHOY MATEYS! You’re not just a guest, you’re The captain…

You finally get to your room, throw your bags down, sit on the bed… and then what? When you step onto your houseboat all the stresses of the world float away as you realise that this is simply when the adventure begins. Turn the key, and move your hotel room to wherever you want to go. You are in charge, so don your captains hat and get ready to have a holiday unlike any other. Coomera Houseboats has the highest quality fleet of boats in QLD, with a boat to suit each skill level and an experienced staff to help you along the way – it’s much easier than you think!

2) Instead of checking in, you’ll be checking out!

Enter your own bubble of privacy and reconnect with your family, the special someone, or friends. When you step on-board your houseboat and head off into the beautiful and safe Gold Coast waterways, you have the seclusion you’ve dreamed of with 24 hour support just one phone call away. Disconnect from society and reconnect with yourself and your loves ones.

3) Wake up with a different view every morning

No other Gold Coast accommodation can even get close to what our beautiful waterways offer. Sick of opening your hotel windows and finding out that your expensive room gives you an amazing view… of a brick wall. The view from the windows on your houseboat is always changing and shows you nature at it’s finest. Hire one of Coomera Houseboats luxury houseboats and you can enjoy that view from the top deck, with a glass of champagne… in a hot tub!

4) No horns, no sirens, and definitely no noisy neighbours!

Experience true serenity. Just you, the people you love, and complete peace and quiet. Instead of being greeted at the start of your day by the sound of city life, when you wake up on your houseboat holiday in the morning all you will hear is the sound of the ocean and local wildlife. Escape from the rat race today! Make your next holiday one that you actually leave refreshed.

5) The room service is the freshest it can get!

Say goodbye to that over priced menu and eating inside your bedroom. Put some fun into getting food delivered to your room while you’re holidaying. Open the back door, grab your rods and your crab pots, and have the best room service you have ever ordered. Enjoy spectacular views of magnificent sunsets while you feast away on your days catch. And if that’s not enough to get you excited, it’s all completely free! Coomera Houseboats is run by locals that know the waterways like the back of their hand. They post a weekly blog updating people on the best fishing spots in the area, and they have the insider knowledge to make sure you catch the best “room service” that you can. And their very own bait and tackle shop has everything that you need, just in case you forget to pack something 😉

6) There is always plenty of room in the pool

Togs? Check. Sun block? Mhmm. Goggles? Yes. Pools toys? Of course. A hundred other tourists filling the pool or lining the local beach? Not if you’re holidaying on a houseboat. Enjoy completely secluded beaches, and no one else in the water for as far as your eyes can see. (You can even pack the budgie smugglers if you want, the kids can’t complain about being embarrassed by you because there won’t be a soul in sight!).

7) Adventure at your doorstep

You won’t have to drive anywhere. No more navigating public transport with the kids. As soon as you step onto the deck of your luxury houseboat you have the possibility to create memories. Whether you want to spend the day fishing and crabbing, sailing the waterways and taking in the views, jumping in the dinghy and heading over to a nearby island and connecting with nature, jumping in the deep blue and swimming until you turn into a giant sea prune. All you’ll need to do first is put that book down, finish your drink, and get out of that lawn chair… or not.

8) Discover stunning locations you can’t get to by car

Secluded beaches, stunning waterways, dolphins, fish, birds, and every species of animal you can imagine. Experience all of this without another soul in sight. Explore everything that the Moreton Bay Marine Park has to offer. Coomera Houseboat captains are able to explore one of the safest, largest, and most sheltered waters around. With a cruising ground that stretches from as far South as Wave Break Island right through to Macleay Island. Check out Coomera Houseboats list of some of their favourite places to set anchor and explore.

9) Give your credit card a rest! No pesky room service bills or hidden charges

The spending does not stop when you check in to your hotel room. Activities, restaurants, room charges… it doesn’t stop until you’re in the car heading home (with a much lighter wallet). Once you hit the water for your houseboat holiday, the spending ends. Load the houseboat up with all your goodies, leave the marina, and put your credit card away. You’ll have everything you need for an amazing holiday already stocked on board with you.

10) Enjoy complete freedom

When you are holidaying on a houseboat you get all the benefits of a houseboat holiday and a holiday on land, with none of the downsides. With the freedom to captain as you please, you can decide where your day takes you. Why not come back in, tie up, and take the kids to a theme park or two. Or why not anchor up and dinghy in to some of the local boaties favourite places. Whether you want to visit Tiplers, Jacobs Well Bayside Tavern, or McLaren’s Landing, the Gold Coast has plenty of quality places for you to stretch our your sea legs and see what the locals are raving about. You are not confined to your boat, or to the waterways, but once you’re out there you are probably not going to want to leave.

Bonus Reason: You finally get to say “We should have done that years ago”

One of the phrases that the team at Coomera Houseboats hears far too often is “we should have done that years ago”. Don’t put it off any longer! If you are sick of having the same old experience, it’s time to bite the bullet and experience the holiday you wont want to leave. Houseboat holidays are fun, easy, and perfect for every occasion. With 24 hour phone support, and a team that is committed to your safety and enjoyment, the only thing you have to worry about is when to book.

So… What are you waiting for?! Call Coomera Houseboats today and make sure your next holiday is something you will never forget.