Explore the Waterways with ‘Seaview’ – An Affordable Essentials Class Houseboat

Embark on an accessible and enjoyable adventure with ‘Seaview’, a standout in our Essentials Class fleet, offering a budget-friendly way to experience the Gold Coast’s beautiful waterways. As the only two-cabin vessel in our Essentials Class, ‘Seaview’ is perfect for those looking for the most economical option to enjoy houseboating.


Embark on a Cozy Retreat with ‘Getaway’ – A Distinctive Comfort Class Houseboat

Set off on an intimate and comfortable journey with ‘Getaway’, a unique member of our Comfort Class fleet, offering a cozy houseboating experience on the Gold Coast’s picturesque waterways. ‘Getaway’ stands out as the only two-cabin houseboat in our fleet with both cabins at ground level and the convenience of two toilets, making it an ideal choice for small families or groups seeking a relaxed and enjoyable escape.