Blue Sky SPA

Set off on an exceptional houseboat adventure with ‘Blue Sky’, a standout in our premium class fleet, offering a one-of-a-kind experience on the Gold Coast’s enchanting waterways. As the only SPA houseboat in our premium range with the flexibility of cabin configuration, ‘Blue Sky’ is the epitome of comfort and adaptability, ideal for families, couples, and friends.

Aegean SPA

Join us aboard ‘Aegean’, a distinguished member of the Coomera Houseboats fleet, blending a pleasant houseboating experience with a touch of elegance. ‘Aegean’ sets itself apart with its thoughtful interior design and comfortable amenities, making it a fantastic choice for exploring the scenic waterways of the Gold Coast.

The Prestige SPA

Welcome to ‘The Prestige’, a highlight of the Coomera Houseboats fleet, offering a comfortable and enjoyable houseboating experience. This premium class houseboat, featuring four well-appointed cabins, including two with private balconies, provides a perfect blend of convenience and relaxation for your journey on the water.