Dusk Breaker

8 - 10 Berth Houseboats

Our family vacation on ‘Dusk Breaker’ was absolutely fantastic – it offered all the essentials we needed for a comfortable and adventurous trip on the Gold Coast waterways. The coziness of the cabins and the freedom to navigate the boat ourselves made it an incredibly special and affordable getaway.


Discover the Joy of Houseboating with ‘Dusk Breaker’ – A Value Class Gem on the Gold Coast

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with ‘Dusk Breaker’, a standout in our Value Class fleet, offering a unique and budget-friendly way to explore the beautiful Gold Coast waterways. ‘Dusk Breaker’ combines practicality and comfort, making it an excellent choice for families and groups seeking an accessible houseboat experience.

Comfortably Sleeps Eight, Ideal for Seven: ‘Dusk Breaker’ features three cozy cabins, providing comfortable sleeping arrangements for up to eight guests, with permanent beds ideally suited for seven. This makes it the only vessel in our Value Class offering such tailored sleeping convenience, perfect for both families and small groups.

Practical Amenities for a Relaxed Journey: Equipped with one shower and one toilet, ‘Dusk Breaker’ covers all the basic necessities to ensure a comfortable stay. These facilities, though modest, are thoughtfully designed to maximize your comfort and convenience on the water.

Be Your Own Captain: As with all our houseboats, ‘Dusk Breaker’ offers the exciting opportunity to be your own captain. Navigate at your leisure through the serene waterways, find your own secluded spots, and enjoy the freedom that comes with self-driven exploration.

Ideal for Nature Lovers and Explorers: The Gold Coast’s waterways are a haven for those looking to reconnect with nature. ‘Dusk Breaker’ serves as your floating base, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility of the surroundings, perfect for those seeking a peaceful escape.

A Budget-Friendly Adventure: ‘Dusk Breaker’ is a testament to the fact that a memorable houseboating experience doesn’t have to break the bank. It offers an affordable way to enjoy the splendors of houseboat holidaying, without compromising on the joy of exploration and relaxation.

Book Your Journey on ‘Dusk Breaker’ Today Ready for an affordable yet delightful houseboat holiday on the Gold Coast? Choose ‘Dusk Breaker’ for your next adventure. Contact us to reserve this value-packed vessel and get ready to create lasting memories as you explore, unwind, and enjoy the beauty of houseboating.


12.1m x 5.5m  
9 Berth  
Modern Kitchen, Full Stove & Microwave  
Cool Bright Interior With Formal Dining Area  
LCD TV & CD with Surround Sound  
Fully Carpeted Sun Deck, Outdoor Furniture  
BBQ, Ice Boxes & Rod Holders  
Large Duckboard  
60hp Yamaha 4-Stroke Outboard