12 Berth Houseboats

Our group of 10 friends had an incredible time on ‘Shenanigans’! The spacious layout and reconfigurable cabins were perfect for our diverse needs. Navigating the waterways ourselves added a sense of adventure, and the lack of a spa allowed for more comfortable cabins. We highly recommend this houseboat for a memorable group getaway.


Discover the Delights of ‘Shenanigans’ – A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Fun on the Gold Coast

Join us on ‘Shenanigans’, a standout houseboat in the Coomera Houseboats fleet, offering an enjoyable and comfortable experience for those looking to explore the Gold Coast waterways. With its distinct features and thoughtful design, ‘Shenanigans’ is ideal for families, friends, or groups seeking a fun-filled houseboat adventure.

Flexible Sleeping and Comfortable Living: ‘Shenanigans’ boasts four cabins that sleep up to 12 guests, offering optimal comfort for nine. The flexibility of the sleeping arrangements in two of these cabins caters to various group needs, ensuring a restful stay for everyone.

Unique Outdoor Lounger Area: The standout feature of ‘Shenanigans’ is its outdoor lounger area, providing the perfect spot for relaxation and socializing. Whether you’re basking in the sun or enjoying the cool evening breeze, this area adds a unique touch to your houseboating experience.

Practical Amenities for a Smooth Journey: Equipped with two showers and two toilets, ‘Shenanigans’ ensures convenience and ease for all guests. These facilities are designed to complement the fun and adventurous spirit of your journey.

Self-Drive for Personalized Exploration: As a self-drive houseboat, ‘Shenanigans’ gives you the freedom to chart your own course through the stunning waterways of the Gold Coast. Experience the thrill of being the captain of your adventure, exploring at your own pace and creating your own unique route.

Ideal for Various Gatherings: ‘Shenanigans’ is perfectly suited for a range of occasions, from casual getaways with friends to family outings or celebrations. Its spacious design and amenities make it a popular choice for those seeking a memorable and engaging houseboating experience.


18m x 5.5m  
12 Berth – Ideal for 9  
2 Double Staterooms  
2 Bedrooms with 2 single beds  
Large Modern Kitchen  
Toaster and Microwave Oven  
2 Bathrooms  
Air Conditioning  
Refrigirated Ice Box on flybridge  
Large Bimini on flybridge for extra shade