Congratulations on your engagement, and how are you going with the wedding planning?

Whoever thought that organising a wedding was fun and romantic?! It’s crazy, there is so much to do! Once the guest list is complete, the venue has to be organised, invitations sent out, cakes tasted…..and then the dress altered to fit after way too many cake tastings! 

You are probably still working on your seating plan for the reception – I mean, where do you put Aunty Joan that isn’t too close to the bar, or the microphone, or her ex-husband … yes, those choices may take a while!

What all engaged couples need to remember, is that your wedding day is to celebrate you and your new life as a family, and not just for your relatives and friends to enjoy a couple of drinks at your expense.

Why Not Sail Away On A Houseboat?

Coomera Houseboats are experts at making sure that the stresses of the big day, and the months of planning, all fade into happy, distant memories, as you climb aboard the houseboat of your choice and sail off to a beautiful bay, miles from anywhere, away from everyone. 

Picture the sun setting in the background and you and your new spouse both sipping champagne on the deck watching a pod of dolphins frolic around you! 

Life doesn’t get any better than this, the perfect start to a wonderful marriage – a honeymoon aboard a Coomera houseboat.

Now that you have that image firmly planted in your heads, let’s look at the facts

sports man and woman on vacation sport on stand up paddle board SUP newlyweds

Plan Your Honeymoon Getaway

What is a honeymoon? This is a time to celebrate your new beginning and should be an unforgettable escape. The best honeymoon memories are created when you have chosen a romantic destination or accommodation venue, away from your friends and family, so you can spend time just with each other.

Are you after a more exciting, adventurous time away? Do you want to enjoy some jet skiing, paddleboarding, kayaking, or even exploring our waterways and beaches with a bit of scuba diving?

Or perhaps you’re dreaming of sleeping the morning away before you enjoy brunch that your wonderful spouse has cooked up in the full kitchen, relaxing the day away in sun loungers, and then enjoying the sunset while soaking blissfully in a spa on the deck…sound good?

With a fleet of Coomera Houseboats on offer, you can choose the vessel that suits your plans!

Who Wants To Cook? Enjoy A Fully Catered Experience

Our houseboats are fully equipped, or you can choose a catered experience that will allow you the convenience and luxury of not having to plan, shop, load and cook!

Check out the details and the Prestidge Catering menu, on the Coomera Houseboats facilities page, then choose the meals you like. When you arrive on your houseboat you will find your fridge packed with top-class dishes that will allow you to enjoy your honeymoon without the meal prep!

Take Advantage Of Our Grocery Delivery Option

However, if meal prep is something you enjoy, and you prefer to make use of the full kitchen on the houseboat, there is also an option to have groceries delivered to your houseboat through Coles or Woolworths online shopping.

Our staff can give you details when you are booking, and will even have your groceries packed into the kitchen on your houseboat for you!

Houseboat Honeymoons Are Budget Friendly

Hiring a Coomera Houseboat for your perfect Honeymoon getaway is an option that will fit your budget.

Consider how much a Gold Coast waterfront hotel would cost, then add in your meal costs, and the cost of travel. If you are the captain of your own houseboat these things all come in one neat package!

Plus you can go where the wind takes you. Enjoy the freshness of the ocean breeze, and the privacy and seclusion of the houseboat. Choose the best scenery, the perfect location, and the memories you make together will last a lifetime.

A Honeymoon That’s A Little Different From The Norm

Coomera Houseboats will give you a honeymoon to remember! 

Coomera Houseboats is only a 5-minute drive from Dreamworld, and 10 minutes from Movie World and Wet’n’Wild. You can choose to stay tied to our jetty for a day or two if you would like to experience the theme parks or enjoy some Hinterland adventures around our location.

If there are specific water activities or Gold Coast experiences you would like to experience, you can speak to our staff when you book and they will assist you with your planning and ensure you have the honeymoon of your dreams! 

As well as spending your honeymoon aboard a Coomera houseboat, some couples have used the houseboat as the wedding venue and actually held the ceremony on the roomy top deck with a small group of guests, and then they cruise away into the sunset on their own. It all depends on what your needs are!

Honeymoons and Coomera Houseboats – a perfect marriage indeed.