Cruising the Gold Coast Warterways

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Cruising the Gold Coast Broadwater with Coomera Houseboat Holidays

Ever wondered how far you can really go? Well find out just how far that is!

We offer over 60 kilometres of calm waterways cruising starting at our home base located in the Coomera River amongst the Gold Coast City Marina near the home of Riviera boats. Start your journey passing by the waterfront homes, other marinas and harbours.

Houseboat Anchorages

Looking to visit places like Sanctuary Cove, Paradise Point, and Wave Break Island? Or are you looking to head North to Tipplers Resort, North Bedrooms and Tiger Mullet Channel? Whichever direction you are looking to travel we have a number of recommended anchorages to help you along the way. We have over 42 suggested anchorages to choose from and below you will find a large handful of our popular places listed to anchor, or you can simply pick your own as long as you anchor within our cruising ground.

Coomera River Anchorages

If you are looking to spend a couple of nights somewhere with a little more peace and quiet the three anchorages below make great choices. These are suggested anchorages which are close to the Coomera Houseboat Holidays home base and are actually great for fishing and crabbing. For more information on the Southern end of the Gold Coast keep reading…

  • Santa Barbara
  • Coomera Waters
  • Jewel Creek

Heading South for Your Holiday?

If you are heading south during your holiday away with us you can stop in at the following places.

Sanctuary Cove 

There are complete provisioning facilities including shopping, small movie theatre and restaurants available, my favourite restaurant would have to be Georges Paragon. 


Sanctuary Cove is a fully integrated Marine Resort boasting unique village atmosphere with a multitude of boutiques and restaurants to whet your appetite. Whilst our houseboats are not permitted to enter Sanctuary Cove Marina, you can anchor in the river off Sanctuary Cove and take your dinghy into the Cove. It is a great day of shopping and fine dining.

Paradise Point

Cruise by the million dollar mansions on Sovereign Island, even pull up anchor in between Sovereign and Ephraim Island, use your dinghy to head over to the restaurants and have a yummy feed, get the family off the houseboat to go for a swim in the netted swimming enclosure and if you play your cards right you might even catch The Village Markets in the park at Paradise Point which are held on certain Sundays.

Wave Break Island


If you are looking for a place in the Southern end of the Broadwater, Wave Break Island is quite the “hot spot”, especially during the peak seasons, or on a beautiful sunny day. With clear water and plenty of sandy beaches to share, why wouldn’t you spend a day or two here. Keep a look-out for frequent pods of dolphins passing by and large colonies of pelicans that like to make themselves right at home.


South Stradbroke Island

South Stradbroke Island starts from the Southern end of Brisbane and forms the Northern end of the Gold Coast. South Stradbroke Island stretches over 21 kilometres located closely to mainland.

Pack your thongs and walking shoes. South Stradbroke Island features nice sandy beaches and walking tracks. Go wildlife spotting, bird watching or for a stroll along the beach, Stradbroke Island mainly consists of sand dunes, rain forest and unique flora and fauna.

  • North Bedrooms    
  • Curtis Anchorage
  • Never Fails
  • Dux Anchorage
  • Slipping Sands
  • Tipplers Resort

Anchor in front of the South Stradbroke Island Resort, this anchorage will protect you from South, South-East and North-East winds. Tourist cruise boats stop at Tipplers every day, it can get very busy on weekends and during school holiday times. You will find a small kiosk like shop on the island, they sell things like ice, bait, limited tackle, chips, chocolates etc. There is also a licenced bar where you can purchase lunch.

McLarens Landing

Anchor your houseboat in the channel and use your dinghy to go over to McLarens Landing. McLarens Landing is now run by Gold Coast Adventures and they offer their activities to everyone. If you happen to be there at the time they are running one of their tours you can enjoy a barbecue style lunch from 12:30pm and a cold beer from the licenced bar.


Head over and explore and you can even join in on the fun activities they offer!

Some activities you’ll find are:

  • Segway Tours
  • Speed boat rides
  • 4WD to sand dune tobogganing
  • Jet ski rides
  • Seaplane Tour
  • Water tubing 


Heading North for Your Holiday?

If you are heading North during your holiday away with us you can stop in at the following places.

Eden Island

Eden Island is a nice quiet recommended anchorage with little boats passing by, although there are no beaches it is a great spot for fishing and crabbing.

Five Ways

This is a good day and night anchorage in the South-easterly and Southerly winds or on the opposite bank in the North-easterly and North-westerly winds. Good fishing on the sandbanks and behind the island.

Tiger Mullet Channel

If you are looking to get away from the busy bees and focus on some good fishing and crabbing, we recommend heading up to Tiger Mullet Channel. Here is where a lot of our valued houseboat hirers spend a bit of time trying for flathead, bream, whiting, tailor and Jew fish. Not only will Tiger Mullet Channel almost guarantee you a fish, you can also expect to catch a great feed of mud crabs.

Woogoompah Island

At low tide Woogoompah Island has a sandy beach, however it’s not the best place if you are looking to go swimming but fishing and crabbing is good in the area.

Kangaroo Island

This anchorage can be quite shallow but will protect you from the South East, South and South Westerly winds. Kangaroo Island tends to have a lot of boats pass by.

Jacobs Well

If you are looking for an outing for breakfast, lunch or Dinner, Jacobs Well Bayside Tavern and Harrigans Drift Inn in Calypso Bay are the two places to go. Anchor off the jetty, away from all moorings and use the dinghy to head to shore, there is also a small grocery store and news agency. 

Thanks for reading our blog on the Coomera Houseboat Holidays cruising ground, I hope it’s has given you a detailed idea on some great places to visit on your next Houseboat Holiday with us!

If you think you have been missing out on some great fun we would love to get you out on our stunning Broadwater whether it be for a special birthday celebration, Christmas with family, New Year’s with friends, a bucks weekend, or a simple “just because” trip. Browse our website including information about all of our fleet, photos, weekly fishing hot spots, prices and so much more at www.coomerahouseboats.com.au  or give the office a call on 5502 6200.

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