There is no better person to give first hand tips and tricks for a Houseboat Holiday than the hirer themselves.

Please enjoy these stories, images and memorable moments captured and shared by our guests. Hopefully they will shed some insider knowledge for those considering or returning to hire a Houseboat and inspire the Skipper in all of us!

Let’s go on a journey with Longying, who has travelled with us on three occasions, once of Kea Lea and twice on our Luxury Spa Boat Aegean. She is a well seasoned Skipper now.

How many times have your hired a Houseboat?

I have hired the houseboats three times.

Which Houseboat from our fleet have you hired?

First time was on Kea Lea and my friend organised everything.  Then I hired Aegean twice. My friends and I all like Aegean. The four spacious bedrooms are really comfortable.  Perfect for families and friends to catch up during a holiday.  Every facility on Aegean is good and it is easy to control.  

What is it about Houseboating that keeps you coming back?

It’s really a fantastic getaway to spend holiday with children. Definitely better than just renting a hotel.   Lots of things to do on  a houseboat,  fishing, crabbing, steering the boat, swimming, walking on the beach…everyday beautiful sunrise and sunset!

What is your most memorable Houseboating experience?

Last December the kids all enjoyed the dinghy with the outboard engine. Next summer holiday we will definitely hire again!

What is your favourite anchorage in our cruising ground?

We like 13 , 17 where we got some eels. Anchorage 11 is a good place for the kids to play in the water.

What is your top tip for a first time Houseboat Hirer?

Be careful when you are steering the boat