There is no better person to give first hand tips and tricks for a Houseboat Holiday than the hirer themselves.

Please enjoy these stories, images and memorable moments captured and shared by our guests. Hopefully they will shed some insider knowledge for those considering or returning to hire a Houseboat and inspire the Skipper in all of us!

Let’s go on a journey with Lisa, who travelled with us for the first time in August 2021 on Seaview and recently returned again in November aboard Sapphire Lady. Lisa is a local lady, and she has taken both her trips with her beautiful family.

How many times have your hired a Houseboat?


Which Houseboat from our fleet have you hired?

Sapphire Lady and Seaview.  Loved both boys but Seaview was perfect for us  2 adults and 3 kids (10, 9, 9).

What is it about Houseboating that keeps you coming back?

The fun, the laughs and being on the water with the beautiful scenery changing minute by minute. You forget all your worries and just breathe in the sea air and live in the moment! 

What is your most memorable Houseboating experience?

Too many!  For me, it was waking up earlier than everyone else and sitting on the front deck with my coffee and doing some fishing!  Absolute bliss!

What is your favourite anchorage in our cruising ground?

To date, would have to be Tipplers passage.  As we have only been twice, we haven’t explored too much but it was just so relaxing and beautiful there.  We could also just dinghy to the South Stradbroke Island and the kids would play on the sand.  

What is your top tip for a first time Houseboat Hirer?

Relax!  I was way more relaxed the second time.  Don’t be afraid to just stop and regroup!  Much easier to have a rough plan of where you would like to explore and check it out on the map first.  

Also our skipper who did the run down with us at the start, gave us a great app to use!  Made navigating around so much easier for someone like me who had no idea about water rules!

And most of all, enjoy every second because as soon as you get home, you’ll want to be back on the water in one of the amazing boats!!