A Comprehensive Fishing Report for Gold Coast

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Navigating the Weekend Waters: A Comprehensive Fishing Report for Gold Coast

Dave McDonald had a great day off the Gold Coast landing this impressive Spanish Mackerel
Dave McDonald had a great day off the Gold Coast landing this impressive Spanish Mackerel

As anglers, we’ve relished in a week of ideal conditions on the Gold and Tweed Coasts – a sequence of light winds and sunshine creating the perfect canvas for fruitful fishing endeavors. As we peer into the approaching weekend, however, the weather gods seem to be challenging our aspirations with a forecast of changing winds and swells. Nonetheless, there are still windows of opportunity for those who seize the moment.

Weekend Weather Outlook

A Forecast Twist from the North Our recent luck with mild weather appears to be on the wane, with northly winds predicted to gain momentum on Saturday. Yet, hope lingers in a small weather window Sunday morning before the winds regain their strength, joined by a robust southerly change and heightened swell in the upcoming week. Keep abreast of the latest weather updates to make informed decisions before embarking on your fishing journey.

Reef Action on the Gold Coast

A Bounty of Predators Reef fishing enthusiasts have enjoyed a bountiful week, courtesy of abundant bait schools drawing in a diverse array of predators. Tuna, Spotted Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, and Sharks have all made appearances. Despite the impending weather challenges, offshore fishing opportunities persist during the weekend mornings. Noteworthy catches include a stunning Spanish Mackerel near the Seaway, with insights into effective trolling and live baiting techniques.

Bottom Fishing Bonanza

Snapper, Trag Jew, and More Venturing to the 18 and 24 fathom reefs has proven to be a cornucopia of delights, yielding Snapper, Trag Jew, Maori Cod, Moses Perch, Tuskies, and Silver Jew. For the more adventurous angler, the 36 and 50 fathom lines promise Dolphin Fish, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Trag Jew, Tusk Fish, Yellow Tail Kingfish, and Amberjack – conditions permitting.

Whiting Wonders

Michael was lucky enough to catch two awesome Whiting measuring over 40cm with Gold Coast River Charters
Michael was lucky enough to catch two awesome Whiting measuring over 40cm with Gold Coast River Charters

Sheltered Spots and Nighttime Success The allure of quality Whiting persists around the Gold Coast and Tweed waterways, with an enticing suggestion for the upcoming week – finding a sheltered bend in a river for a rewarding feed. The nocturnal angler is advised to seek out the best catches, although daytime sessions are gradually gaining traction with the onset of autumn. Key spots for Whiting include the Tweed River, Currumbin Creek, Tallebudgera Creek, and more. Live bait, featuring Bloodworms, Beach Worms, and Yabbies, is the recommended approach. Factor in the tidal flow, ensuring the right balance between a light setup and a sufficiently substantial sinker.

Pursuing Mangrove Jack

Hot Spots and Tactics The recent sultry weather has provided an excellent backdrop for Mangrove Jack pursuit, and anglers have been rewarded with impressive catches. Canal systems connected to the Nerang River, Runaway Bay, and Paradise Point have been particularly productive during this season. Prospective anglers can also explore the Tweed River, Tallebudgera Creek, Currumbin Creek, Coomera River, Jacobs Well, and the Logan River in their quest for a trophy fish. Effective tactics include casting an assortment of diving and surface lures or soft plastics. However, for those seeking a less labor-intensive approach, live or dead baits are a reliable alternative. Additionally, the report notes the incidental captures of nice-sized Trevally and Estuary Cod in the same areas, adding to the excitement of the expedition.

As the seasons shift and we embrace autumn, anglers are presented with an array of fishing options despite the unpredictable weather forecasts. Armed with this comprehensive report, anglers can strategize their weekend endeavors, capitalizing on brief weather windows and optimizing their chances for a memorable catch. Whether casting lines off the reefs, chasing Whiting in the shallows, or pursuing Mangrove Jack in the estuaries, may your weekend on the Gold and Tweed Coasts be filled with thrilling moments and abundant catches.

Quotes From The Boats

Clint from Gold Coast River Charters reports:

Sea Probe Fishing Charters have been finding some fantastic quality Jewfish offshore on the Gold Coast for their happy customers
Sea Probe Fishing Charters have been finding some fantastic quality Jewfish offshore on the Gold Coast for their happy customers

The Tweed River is starting to fish well now with the salinity levels slowly increasing after the huge amount of constant rain we have received this year. The early morning run in tides have been producing the best results which is good as we have run in tides to start my trips this week. The species caught this week were a few small Mangrove Jacks, Bream, Flathead, Grunter and School Jew. We also lost a couple of expensive lures through being bitten off by big Tailor. It is a bit uncommon to find Tailor in the river at this time of the year as they usually arrive through our winter months. The locals I have been talking too have said that they are doing alright on the Mud Crabs at present so if you are planning a trip to the Tweed it might be worth setting a couple of pots. Once again be cautious when navigating the Tweed at the present particularly around the top of the tide as there is still some logs and debris floating around.

Gavin from Sea Probe Fishing Charters reports:

“The fishing has been quite hard leading up to this last full moon, plenty of tide out wide. Best options to stay in close chase Spotted Mackerel, Spanish and Jew off the Gold Coast.”



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Stay up to date with all fishing regulations in Queensland https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/business-priorities/fisheries

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Good luck with the Fishing. Brett