Whiting Whispers and Mackerel Mysteries

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Whiting Whispers and Mackerel Mysteries

Bec did well catching this nice solid Flathead on a Zerek Fishtrap Lure
Bec did well catching this nice solid Flathead on a Zerek Fishtrap Lure

Last weekend’s wet and windy conditions didn’t deter avid fishos, and this week, the Southern Broadwater was the place to be. Lucky anglers reaped the rewards with quality Whiting catches, proving that sometimes braving the elements pays off. As we gear up for the weekend, let’s delve into the latest fishing escapades.

Chasing Whiting – The Southern Broadwater Hotspots

The stretch from Sundale Bridge to Paradise Point in the Southern Broadwater proved to be a Whiting haven this week. Successful anglers employed the strategy of exploring various depths and targeting areas with significant tidal flow. Live bait, including Yabbies, Beachworms, and Bloodworms, worked wonders. Wave Break Island, Crab Island, Paradise Point, Coomera River, Nerang River, and Pimpama River were hotspots. For those with a knack for precision, Jacobs Well Shoals, Bedrooms, Tiger Mullet Channel, and the Logan River offered promising Whiting grounds. Light gear, sensitive rods, and patience were the key ingredients to a successful Whiting quest.

In the pursuit of Whiting, patience is a virtue. Allow the fish to take the bait for as long as possible before striking, ensuring a higher chance of hooking up. Bream, Tarwhine, and Grunter were also active, adding a dash of variety to the catches.

Mackerel Mania – A Dash Offshore

Once the offshore conditions calm down, an exciting Mackerel season awaits. Ben, as seen in the photo, capitalized on a favourable weather window, securing a bountiful catch of Spotted Mackerel off the Gold Coast. As the wind and swell subside, enthusiasts can explore prime Mackerel spots such as Palm Beach Reef, The Gravel Patch, Mermaid Reef, and the 18-fathom reefs off Southport. Keep an eye out for surface action, diving birds, and bait schools, all signalling the presence of Mackerel. With the recent end to the Spanish Mackerel closure, local fishos can add this prized species back to their target list.

Navigating the Spanish Seas

For those keen on Spanish Mackerel, it’s time to embark on a hunt within the inshore reef systems. Trolling a mix of diving and skirted lures can cover ground, while a keen eye on the sounder for bait and predator activity is essential. The 18 and 24-fathom reefs have seen a mix of Snapper, Moses Perch, Trag Jew, Maori Cod, and Silver Jew. Venturing further to the 36 and 50-fathom lines promises exciting hauls of Snapper, Pearl Perch, Trag Jew, Yellow Tail Kingfish, and Amberjack. Prime baits include WA Pilchards, Whole Large Squid, Mullet Fillet, Bonito Fillet, and Mac Tuna Fillet.

Fads and Beyond

Fads have been teeming with Dolphin Fish, and trolling in these areas has also yielded larger Dolphin Fish, Wahoo, and the occasional Marlin.

Mud Crab Mysteries Unveiled

Delicious fresh crab caught from and prepared onboard a Coomera Houseboat
Delicious fresh crab caught from and prepared onboard a Coomera Houseboat.

The recent rain and storms have stirred up the creeks and rivers, making Mud Crabs an enticing target. With more fresh water flowing, anglers are advised to move their pots strategically. Starting upriver and gradually shifting towards river mouths as catch rates dictate can optimize the Mud Crab haul. The North and South arms of the Coomera River, Pimpama River, Tipplers Passage, Jacobs Well, Cabbage Tree Point, Logan River, Canaipa Passage, and around Russel Island have all yielded satisfying catches. Whole Mullet and fish frames, regularly changed for freshness, prove to be irresistible baits.

In conclusion, despite challenging weather forecasts, the fishing scene has been vibrant. From Whiting in the Broadwater to Mackerel offshore and Mud Crabs in the creeks, anglers have found success by adapting to the conditions and employing clever strategies. As we head into the weekend, it’s a reminder to stay informed on the latest weather updates and to seize every opportunity for a memorable fishing adventure.

Quotes From The Boats

Clint from Gold Coast River Charters reports:

More rain arrived this week, during a summer that was forecast to be dry. Anyway, rain is good. Rain is great for fishing! At Tweed River Brad will keep chasing Mangrove Jacks, Mulloway, Flathead, and other estuary species using lures only. The Gold Coast Broadwater and Nerang continues to fish very well most days for big Sand Whiting, and Flathead have been returning in the slightly cooler water. There are also Trevally, Flounder, Sand Crabs, and lots of Bream on offer. Small tidal flow this coming week will make it a challenge to catch fish. Try fishing the areas that normally run too hard in the middle of tides like the seaway area and narrow parts of the rivers.

Gavin from Sea Probe Fishing Charters reports:

Sea Probe Fishing Charters have been catching some awesome feeds of Dolphin Fish this week off the Gold Coast
Sea Probe Fishing Charters have been catching some awesome feeds of Dolphin Fish this week off the Gold Coast

There has been great catches of Dolphin Fish, mostly caught on live bait and pilchards from the fads. Also, along the 50-fathom line plenty of Snapper on float lining and bottom bashers using whole pilchards and mullet fillet.


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Stay up to date with all fishing regulations in Queensland https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/business-priorities/fisheries

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Seabreeze is a great website to access a local forecast http://www.seabreeze.com.au/graphs/  

Good luck with the Fishing. Brett