Ticking off bucket list activities is something travelers all desire to do. We have those overseas countries we dream of, the luxurious hotels we save up for, the rugged escapes that inspire us and all the unique places in between that meet our wanderlust and keep us coming back for more. With our international borders currently on pause we are being asked to reimagine new ways of topping up our travelling cup in our own backyard.

Australia is a vast and amazing country, from pristine coastlines, enormous deserts and towering waterfalls; to surf, snow, hiking, island hopping and four-wheel driving; to resorts, boutique bed and breakfasts, one of a kind air bnbs and caravan parks. We are rich with choice when it comes to choosing our next backyard holiday. Surprisingly though, for a country surrounded by water, many of our Aussie adventures are land based despite the world of water that is on our door step.


This is where a Houseboat Holiday comes in! For travelers looking for something different, where the east coast of Queensland’s beautiful warm waterways could become your floating home, a houseboat is the vessel that will make your next holiday an unforgettable one. What especially sets this apart from other water based tours and excursions is you are the Captain of your own ship, with a splash of comfort, independence, adventure and the accolade of skippering your own boat.

When we try to make comparisons to overseas plans it can be challenging to find something that ticks all the excitable boxes of jetting overseas, so we have to begin to think outside the box. For many, hiring a Houseboat of their very own is precisely the exclusive holiday they are yearning for, as they get to experience the freedom of holidaying on the water with gorgeous swimming spots, an abundance of fishing and crabbing, access to south Stradbroke Island, meals shared with friends and family with the water lapping by the boat, sunbaking in style on your private boat deck and sunsets that feel like you are a million miles from land.


For travelers who are wondering when they will be able to rekindle their love of foreign travel again perhaps it is time to try your hand at captaining your own boat, for there is no greater feeling of freedom than standing at the helm of a boat navigating your way to a secluded anchorage. Maybe you have never heard of Houseboating and you are wondering why you have not tried this earlier, or maybe you have been on a houseboat holiday before and it’s time to dust off the Captains hat again; either way we have a large fleet of Houseboats on offer, from our smaller more intimate boats to our larger luxury spa vessels, with options for all your crewing needs. Plus a cruising ground that is one of the largest, safest and most sheltered areas for exploring on a Houseboat.


The Coomera Houseboat Crew love to make every visitor’s holiday experience match or exceed their expectations. Please call us to discuss the various Houseboating options with our team