There is no better person to give first hand tips and tricks for a Houseboat Holiday than the hirer themselves.

Please enjoy these stories, images and memorable moments captured and shared by our guests. Hopefully they will shed some insider knowledge for those considering or returning to hire a Houseboat and inspire the Skipper in all of us!

Let us go on a journey with Haydyn, who travelled with his crew from Tasmania to hire our Luxury Spa Boat Aegean for the first time in June 2021.

How many times have your hired a Houseboat?

Just once.

Which Houseboat from our fleet have you hired?

Aegean Spa and clearly it’s our favourite… its large… has a spa… very comfy

What is it about Houseboating that keeps you coming back?

Just love the ability to relax and do your own thing.

What is your most memorable Houseboating experience?

The freedom.

What is your favourite anchorage in our cruising ground?

We really enjoyed our stop up near Steigletz, just in a little channel east of that. We had the most wonderful sunset and storm view from there.

What is your top tip for a first time Houseboat Hirer?

Understand how the anchor works. We had a sleepless night one night not fully understanding if we were going to be washed away!