There is no better person to give first hand tips and tricks for a Houseboat Holiday than the hirer themselves.

Please enjoy these stories, images and memorable moments captured and shared by our guests. Hopefully they will shed some insider knowledge for those considering or returning to hire a Houseboat and inspire the Skipper in all of us!

Let us go on a journey with Sam, a local photographer from the Gold Coast who surprised her partner for their Anniversary in March 2021 aboard Aristocat.

How many times have your hired a Houseboat?

I have hired a houseboat once and it was with Coomera Houseboats. It was for an anniversary present for my partner to get out of the house – away from the kids and phones for a full long weekend. Best present ever.

Which Houseboat from our fleet have you hired?

We hired Aristocat which was perfect for the 2 of us.

What is it about Houseboating that keeps you coming back?

The freedom and the experience was sensational and takes you away from the busy world we live in. AWAY being the key word and not even leaving our state. Perfect.

What is your most memorable Houseboating experience?

When my partner and I were on the houseboat I was watching him catch 5 fish in a row which was exciting and I was able to capture some of the amazing wildlife around the areas on my camera. Sun rises and sun sets were magical out on the water and having our meals on the deck just gives you that sense of freedom and space that your are far away from everything. And you are. Far away enough to enjoy the quiet times until the music goes on and the champers comes out.

What is your favourite anchorage in our cruising ground?

Finding a favourite place for me is hard to pick as there are so many hidden corners we went to and having that space away from everyone else was more of my favourite time as opposed to one place. All surroundings were fabulous and I’m excited to go back on board again.

What is your top tip for a first time Houseboat Hirer?

If I was to give a top tip, it would be to book a boat big enough for the people you are going with.

We booked a boat for 4 – 5 people and there was only 2 of us. Not sure about anyone else, but I like my space, so go big I say to feel open and not so cluttered in one small space. Our boat was prefect for just us 2 and I would not have liked it if others were with us. Too crowded otherwise.