Jack caught this quality 60cm Flathead on a charter with Clint from Gold Coast River Charters on the Broadwater


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Fishing Report

Scott landed this nice Flathead on his Coomera Houseboat Holiday recently_
Scott landed this nice Flathead on his Coomera Houseboat Holiday recently_

With quite a wet start to the week having plenty of rain falling over the Gold and Tweed Coasts on Tuesday, it has been a while without any decent rain. This should help the fishing giving the system a bit of a flush out. The Gold and Tweed Coasts are set for a promising weekend of fishing adventures. With favorable weather conditions and recent rainfall rejuvenating the waterways, anglers have an excellent chance to reel in a variety of prized species.

Surf Beach Fishing

With lighter westerly winds and a smaller swell, surf beach fishing presents a fantastic opportunity to catch Tailor, Dart, Bream, Whiting, Flathead, and even Jewfish. Adjusting your setup to a lighter option and using smaller baits such as Pippies, Beach Worms, Yabbies, White Pilchards, and Mullet Fillet will increase your chances of success. Targeting these species during morning hours and late afternoon to evening is ideal, and lures like metal slugs, stick baits, and surface poppers are effective for Tailor and Jewfish. Bait fishers can opt for whole WA Pilchards, Mullet Fillet, and Bonito Fillet on a set of gang hooks. Remember to move along the beach if the action is slow and change locations every 15 to 30 minutes to maximize your chances of landing a fish.

Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing enthusiasts can rejoice as the forecast favors heading out to chase a variety of reef fish. The 18 and 24 fathom reefs off the Gold Coast have seen good-sized Snapper, Jew Fish, Cobia, Spangled Emperor, Moses Perch, Trag Jew, Maori Cod, and occasional winter Spanish Mackerel catches. On the 36 and 50 fathom grounds, expect a mixed bag of Snapper, Pearl Perch, Trag Jew, Cobia, Amberjack, Yellow Tail Kingfish, Pig Fish, and Samson. Optimal baits include WA Pilchards, Large Squid, Mullet Fillet, Bonito, and live Yakka’s. Utilize your sounder to locate signs of bait and fish before selecting a fishing spot for the best results.

Bream Fishing

Recent rainfall has injected fresh water into the system, making the Broadwater and Jumpinpin prime spots for Bream fishing. Bream respond well to these conditions, and their feeding activity intensifies. Look for submerged trees, weed beds, rock bars, and man-made structures such as pontoons, jetties, bridges, and rock walls that hold bait, attracting schools of Bream. Effective baits for Bream include Mullet Gut, Mullet Fillet, Bonito Fillet, White Pilchards, Blue Bait, Prawns, Squid, and WA Pilchard cubes. Establishing a steady burly trail will help attract and maintain Bream in your chosen fishing area.

As the weekend approaches, anglers on the Gold and Tweed Coasts have an array of fishing opportunities to explore. Whether casting lines on the surf beaches, venturing offshore for reef fish, or targeting Bream in the estuaries, the conditions are favorable for a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. So, grab your gear, check the latest forecast, and embark on a memorable fishing adventure in these beautiful coastal locations.

Quotes from  the Boats

Ben White did well scoring this nice Pearl Perch off the Gold Coast last weekend_
Ben White did well scoring this nice Pearl Perch off the Gold Coast last weekend_

Brad from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports:

This beautiful winter weather continues to keep rolling on and to match this with some fantastic fishing, I am so lucky to have an office like this to work in. Once again, and just like the last few months, it has been all about the Flatties in big numbers taking our vibes and trolled lures. In amongst the Flathead onslaught, we have been catching some Bream, School Jew and small Giant Trevally and Tailor.”

Clint from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports:

“Some pretty epic fishing and weather this week in the beautiful Gold Coast Broadwater. Big numbers of Dusky Flathead, Arrow Squid, Winter Whiting, Flounder. We were using Zman 3 inch minnowZ, Samaki hardlicious, Marker 54 prawnlets, Ecogear ZX40’s and MMD prawn vibes. On sunny and calm days transparent and natural colour lures work best. On cloudy and/ or choppy conditions it works well to use darker and more colourful presentations. Sometimes it pays to experiment with funky colours to get the bites, like Zman in sexy mullet. As usual the Squid numbers drop off as the full moon gets closer, while the daytime tides have been ideal for Flathead fishing. Not too big, not too small. Just a good amount of tidal run. Most of the Flathead are measuring from 42cm to 60cm. Tailor have been passing through sporadically following the bait fish schools. That’s tailor even in season, here today gone the next. “

A great haul of mixed reef species form Gavin at Sea Probe Fishing Charters off the Gold Coast
A great haul of mixed reef species form Gavin at Sea Probe Fishing Charters off the Gold Coast

Gavin from Sea Probe Fishing Charters reports:

“Live bait is working the best when chasing Silver Jew and Cobia in the closer 18 and 24 fathom reefs, out in the wider 36 and 50 fathom reefs we have been catching Snapper, Amberjack, Kingfish and Pearl Perch.” 


If you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went. mail@coomerahouseboats.com.au.

Stay up to date with all fishing regulations in Queensland https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/business-priorities/fisheries

Hire a tinnie with your Coomera Houseboat hire to maximise your fishing range on the water:  http://www.coomerahouseboats.com.au/our-fleet-type/hire-tinnies/     

Seabreeze is a great website to access a local forecast http://www.seabreeze.com.au/graphs/  

Good luck with the Fishing. Brett     

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