Tips For Affordable Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays

How do you have a great holiday on the Gold Coast without it costing a fortune? After all, you’re trying to stick to a budget and meet your financial goals, but you really do need a bit of a break. Why not consider renting a Coomera Houseboat for a surprisingly low-cost holiday with your family or friends? 

Houseboat Holidays On A Budget

A houseboat holiday adventure is a great way to enjoy a well-deserved break and spend your hard-earned money wisely. Coomera Houseboats is here to ensure that you can have an amazing holiday that will suit your activity and comfort level, and still stay within your budget expectations. 

When you make the decision to sail away in a Coomera Houseboat, you are combining a lot of your normal holiday costs into one affordable fee. If you check out our fleet options, you will see how the houseboat of your choice is not only your accommodation, it is also your transport between activities, your full kitchen facilities, and the home base for all your adventures. 

You are able to spend every day of your holiday on your houseboat if you wish, and at the same time, you get to experience all that the Gold Coast has to offer!

Top Tips To Get The Best Houseboat At The Lowest Price

If you’re keen to book a budget-friendly Coomera houseboat for your next holiday, then check out our top tips below to grab some great discounts off our normal rental prices!

Don’t Go Past Our Specials Page

Make sure you bookmark our SPECIALS page and keep an eye on the various money-saving discounts that we have coming up. This page will ensure that you get the most out of your Coomera Houseboat rental.

Boat Of The Month

Our BOAT OF THE MONTH special will save you a good percentage off the normal rental fee if you book the vessel that is featured. Keep an eye on this page, as the Boat of the Month does vary, as does the percentage discount, and your favourite vessel could be coming up at any time! Making every dollar count is easy if you use our Boat of the Month discount!

Mystery Deal

If you love a bit of a mystery and adventure and want to save yourself money, then make sure you book your group in for a MYSTERY DEAL. We let you choose which category Houseboat would suit your needs (either 3 cabins, 4 cabins or SPA boat), and then you let us choose the actual vessel for you. 

This deal saves you up to a massive 40% off the normal rental fee and you won’t lose out as all of the Coomera Houseboat vessels are fully equipped, comfortable and ready to go. Get in quick to secure the dates you want, as these money-saving specials go fast!

Last-Minute Deals

If you prefer your holidays to be a spur of the moment, then there is even more money to be saved with our LAST MINUTE DEALS.

We don’t mind if you are not a big planner or if you prefer to check the weather before you book and then call to say that you want a boat tomorrow. This isn’t a problem, in fact, being spontaneous can save you more money. Call us to see what is available, and if we have a vessel free that suits you, then our great last-minute discounted price will give you a pleasant surprise!

If you would like to book a Coomera Houseboat and check-in LESS THAN 7 DAYS from today, you could grab a discount of 20% on a SPA boat or 15% on all other boats.

If you would like to check-in 7-14 DAYS FROM TODAY you can enjoy a 15% discount on SPA boats and 10% on all other boats.

So if you suddenly find yourself with a couple of days on your hands and want to get out on a houseboat and enjoy the Gold Coast, then contact Coomera Houseboats by online form or phone, and see if we have an available vessel that will suit your trip!

Saving Money on Provisions

If you have a houseboat booked and you need to stay within a strict budget, then the way you provision your vessel can make a difference.

Our Coomera Houseboats team is happy to assist you if you need the lowest cost option. With provisioning, all that means is a bit of planning on your part where you write a shopping list and pre-purchase your food and drinks and bring them with you when it’s time to board. This gives you the opportunity to purchase lower-cost food items and ensure provisions stay within your budget!

Of course, our full catering option is pretty awesome, but maybe you can go with that option on your next trip. We do find that a lot of our customers do get hooked on houseboat holidays, and once you have enjoyed yourself on a Coomera Houseboat you will probably find that it also becomes your preferred holiday too. 

Coomera Houseboats – ready to get you out on the water for an amazing, budget-friendly holiday experience of a lifetime!