Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays

Tips For Affordable Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays

How do you have a great holiday on the Gold Coast without it costing a fortune? After all, you’re trying to stick to a budget and meet your financial goals, but you really do need a bit of a break. Why not consider renting a Coomera Houseboat for a surprisingly low-cost holiday with your family or friends? 

Houseboat Holidays On A Budget

A houseboat holiday adventure is a great way to enjoy a well-deserved break and spend your hard-earned money wisely. Coomera Houseboats is here to ensure that you can have an amazing holiday that will suit your activity and comfort level, and still stay within your budget expectations. 

When you make the decision to sail away in a Coomera Houseboat, you are combining a lot of your normal holiday costs into one affordable fee. If you check out our fleet options, you will see how the houseboat of your choice is not only your accommodation, it is also your transport between activities, your full kitchen facilities, and the home base for all your adventures. 

You are able to spend every day of your holiday on your houseboat if you wish, and at the same time, you get to experience all that the Gold Coast has to offer!

Top Tips To Get The Best Houseboat At The Lowest Price

Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays 6

If you’re keen to book a budget-friendly Coomera houseboat for your next holiday, then check out our top tips below to grab some great discounts off our normal rental prices!

Don’t Go Past Our Specials Page

Make sure you bookmark our SPECIALS page and keep an eye on the various money-saving discounts that we have coming up. This page will ensure that you get the most out of your Coomera Houseboat rental.

Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays 7

Boat Of The Month

Our BOAT OF THE MONTH special will save you a good percentage off the normal rental fee if you book the vessel that is featured. Keep an eye on this page, as the Boat of the Month does vary, as does the percentage discount, and your favourite vessel could be coming up at any time! Making every dollar count is easy if you use our Boat of the Month discount!

Mystery Deal

If you love a bit of a mystery and adventure and want to save yourself money, then make sure you book your group in for a MYSTERY DEAL. We let you choose which category Houseboat would suit your needs (either 3 cabins, 4 cabins or SPA boat), and then you let us choose the actual vessel for you. 

This deal saves you up to a massive 40% off the normal rental fee and you won’t lose out as all of the Coomera Houseboat vessels are fully equipped, comfortable and ready to go. Get in quick to secure the dates you want, as these money-saving specials go fast!

Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays 8

Last-Minute Deals

If you prefer your holidays to be a spur of the moment, then there is even more money to be saved with our LAST MINUTE DEALS.

We don’t mind if you are not a big planner or if you prefer to check the weather before you book and then call to say that you want a boat tomorrow. This isn’t a problem, in fact, being spontaneous can save you more money. Call us to see what is available, and if we have a vessel free that suits you, then our great last-minute discounted price will give you a pleasant surprise!

If you would like to book a Coomera Houseboat and check-in LESS THAN 7 DAYS from today, you could grab a discount of 20% on a SPA boat or 15% on all other boats.

If you would like to check-in 7-14 DAYS FROM TODAY you can enjoy a 15% discount on SPA boats and 10% on all other boats.

So if you suddenly find yourself with a couple of days on your hands and want to get out on a houseboat and enjoy the Gold Coast, then contact Coomera Houseboats by online form or phone, and see if we have an available vessel that will suit your trip!

Saving Money on Provisions

Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays 9

If you have a houseboat booked and you need to stay within a strict budget, then the way you provision your vessel can make a difference.

Our Coomera Houseboats team is happy to assist you if you need the lowest cost option. With provisioning, all that means is a bit of planning on your part where you write a shopping list and pre-purchase your food and drinks and bring them with you when it’s time to board. This gives you the opportunity to purchase lower-cost food items and ensure provisions stay within your budget!

Of course, our full catering option is pretty awesome, but maybe you can go with that option on your next trip. We do find that a lot of our customers do get hooked on houseboat holidays, and once you have enjoyed yourself on a Coomera Houseboat you will probably find that it also becomes your preferred holiday too. 

Coomera Houseboats – ready to get you out on the water for an amazing, budget-friendly holiday experience of a lifetime!

Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat

As the Christmas memories begin to fade, and the bruises from the friendly Australia Day cricket match disappear, we start to count down to our next holiday… Easter! For most of us it brings with it four whole days of freedom. No work, no school, just relaxing and doing whatever it is you dream about for most of the year. Which is … what?

Visiting family? Grabbing breakfast, lunch or coffee on the waterfront? Sleeping in? Fishing, surfing or enjoying our beautiful beaches?

What if you could combine everything you look forward to and have an unforgettable weekend with as many of your friends or family that you choose, at a surprisingly budget friendly cost? 

You can with Coomera Houseboats. Booking one of our luxury houseboats is a memorable way to spend your Easter holiday, and allows you to pack in a lot of activities into a long weekend break.   

Settle back, get comfortable and let me paint the scene for you…

You wake up on the morning of Good Friday and smile as you remember that it is finally Easter weekend and you are on holiday. You can hear the sound of the ocean and maybe one or two of your friends and family laughing, or talking softly.

The coffee is brewing and someone is cooking bacon and eggs. You look out the window and can see the pristine white sands of an amazing beach leading off into the distance, and know that you have this perfect little cove to yourself. 

Mates hanging out on luxury houseboat for Easter holiday.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 17

Your only job is to choose what you would like to do after breakfast. Maybe a swim first, or snorkel around and check out what you can see, then come and relax in one of the sun loungers on the deck of this fantastic houseboat? You could have some fun in the 12-foot dinghy or maybe throw some fishing lines into the water to try and catch fresh fish for dinner? 

After lunch enjoy some time on the paddle boards you brought along and then go ashore and explore the cove before heading back to the houseboat for an amazing dinner – either the fresh fish you caught earlier, or one of the meals you ordered from Prestidge Catering that were packed in the fridge for you. 

Does that sound like the sort of Easter getaway you and your family or friends would love? If so, keep reading to find out how to make it happen!

Family paddle boarding in Gold Coast for Easter holiday.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 18

How To Book A Houseboat For Your Easter Holiday

Head over to our Houseboat Fleet page where you can see photos and a description of each vessel. Check the features they have, show your friends and family, then make your choice. 

Once you’ve chosen the best houseboat to suit your group, add your dates and book online. Then one of our experienced staff will get in touch and do all they can to make sure this holiday will be one that you are talking about for years to come. Don’t linger for too long, as we are already receiving bookings for Easter weekend and we don’t want you to miss out! 

You may think that you could never spend your Easter holiday on a houseboat as you have no experience with boats. This is not the case! All you need to worry about before your trip, is which houseboat to choose, and how you would like to provision it. Read more in our article Houseboating Basics for First Timers.

Houseboat Dining: Self-Catering Or Prepared Meals

We have a few different choices for dining aboard your vessel, depending on how luxurious you want your Easter weekend to be. Check out our facilities page for further details.  

Prepared Meals

You could order prepared meals from Prestidge Catering and your fridge will be filled with all the goodies you have chosen, and your meals will just have to be heated and enjoyed! 

Prestidge Catering takes care of all your meals on a luxury houseboat.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 19


If you prefer to use our fully equipped kitchens to create meals of your choice and maybe include fresh fish caught from the deck of the houseboat, then you can either shop before you leave home, or grab some groceries at one of the supermarkets around the Coomera Houseboats jetty. You can unload and pack your groceries into the fridge yourself, or even shop online prior to your arrival and we can unpack your groceries onto the vessel in preparation of your arrival. 

Houseboat kitchen and dining area for self-catering on Easter holiday.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 20

You can discuss these options when you book your houseboat if you wish, and our staff will do all they can to assist. We can even let you know where you can sail to for a great meal in and around the Gold Coast waterways. 

Sail Away On A Houseboat For Your Easter Holiday 

Now you are on the houseboat, the food is all packed away and your luggage is onboard. This is the best part so far… you now become the captain of your own destiny! 

We push you off and watch you sail away to the ultimate Gold Coast luxury getaway … oh wait, before we do that… one of our experienced skippers will show you everything you need to know, and they will even go with you and hand you the controls of your vessel to ensure that both you and he is happy that you are able to handle the vessel easily. 

You do not need a licence to drive a houseboat – not even a car licence. We always make sure when we go out, that there are a few members of the crew that are able to slip the captain’s hat on … so, share the job around and you can all enjoy your time away! Read our FAQs if you need more details.

Family Easter holiday on a luxury houseboat.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 21

Your next choice … where to go? Again, before you head off for your best weekend ever, our staff will have given you maps showing the cruising areas you need to stay in, and can show you the best spots to enjoy whatever leisure activities your crew is looking forward to. So, make sure you ask the questions to find out where the stunning white sand dunes are, or where the fish are biting, or the best crabs are hiding out. 

Sailing the Gold Coast waterways on a houseboat Easter holiday.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 22

So, decision made, you are about to embark on your ultimate Easter holiday on a Coomera Houseboat, there is only one thing left to do… crack open the sunscreen and get going!

Make sure you send us some photos of your amazing time exploring the Gold Coast waterways this Easter on your Coomera Houseboat! 

Camping vs Hotel vs the Houseboat: Which is Better?

Planning a holiday on the Gold Coast? Should you spend your holiday sleeping in a tent, hotel room or on a houseboat? 

Sun-drenched and fun-packed, Australia’s Gold Coast is a spectacular strip of glimmering high-rise hotels and vast resorts along with dozens of golden sand beaches. With plenty of attraction sites beyond its splendid beaches, the Gold Coast is a place best enjoyed with the company of your loved ones or friends. 

So do you rent a houseboat, a hotel room, or just camp along the shoreline? Between the three choices, which would you and your friends & family prefer? In this article, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of each option to help you make the right decision. You’ll learn why renting a houseboat could be the smartest holiday decision you make instead of camping or booking a hotel room.

Camping, Hotel or Houseboat?

Camping  – “Honey did you bring the air bed pump?”… [crickets chirping]


Camping allows you to be in close contact with nature without spending a great deal of money. In fact, it’s much cheaper compared to the other two options. While camping has its benefits, it has enormous challenges as well. Below are some of the cons of camping.


  1. Poor camping conditions can make sleeping difficult. I don’t know about you but I’m not exactly a bundle of joy to be around after a bad sleep on rough ground!

  2. Campers usually have to share bathrooms (Who doesn’t love wiping down the toilet seat before you use it?). 

  3. You have to carry gear to the campsite, including tent, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, eskis,  etc.

  4. It can be challenging to keep food fresh and you’re often a long way from the nearest Woolies.

  5. Keeping your tent free from everything that crawls, slithers and flies can be a constant challenge!

  6. Designated camping sites may be far from the ocean or pools so if you need to cool off hopefully you like driving…

Hotel – “Can we watch Netflix?” – Kids… [Sigh] – parents

Renting a hotel room can be the easiest and cheapest way to holiday … but does it make for the best way to enjoy your long-awaited holiday? How many of us have chosen the perfect hotel and taken great delight in imagining the most amazing five-star experience, only to arrive at the hotel and realise the photos are many years out of date, the view is non-existent, and the expected luxury has dimmed into more of an ‘OK, we’re here so let’s make the most of it’ experience. Apart from that obvious flaw, what else could go wrong? Well, consider these potential issues before you hit the book button:


  1. The promised luxury doesn’t match the actual experience. How many years ago were the photos on the website taken!!! The tiny sliver of the ocean view that you can see beside the brand new hotel that now stands between your balcony and the beach is simply (yawn) awe-inspiring!

  2. Your experience is basically limited to the weather. Bad weather means you could be stuck in a hotel room watching TV, or playing an old board game, eating expensive room service meals, with bored, grumpy kids …..  sounds like absolute bliss!

  3. You pay for the room, but most of the experience is outside, so pack up the kids, sunscreen, sunshade, towels, blanket, food, water …. Sigh …. trudge back up the three floors of stairs to your room for the forgotten buckets and spades … and off you go for a fun day at the beach! (Everyone likes sand in the car right?) 

  4. It’s a hotel. We all know what that means. You research, you choose carefully, you cross your fingers and set off, knowing that the room you are allocated will either make or turn it into an experience that even the Griswald’s would shudder at!

Houseboat – “Dad, I caught one!” – [No Ipad required]

So … the question remains … Camping, hotel or houseboat?

Houseboats offer more privacy compared to camping or hotel rooms; not only are you all by yourself on a rented houseboat, you’re also in the ocean, anchored to a private beach. Apart from uncompromised privacy, houseboats also provide comfy sleeping, private indoor bathrooms as well as fully equipped kitchens allowing indoor cooking.

Below are ten reasons why you should rent a houseboat rather than camp or book a hotel room.

Ten Reasons Why you Should Rent a Houseboat

1. Play- With a rented houseboat, you are more likely to experience a seamless stress-free holiday. Take a few days from your busy schedule to unwind on your houseboat while enjoying nature. Think of waking up to beautiful scenery and marine life. Watch awesome movies inside the cabin or read your favourite book on the top deck.

2. Party- Houseboats offer a fabulous way of hosting parties, including BBGs, birthday parties, holidays, or weekend parties, among others. Houseboat holidays are a great way of developing family traditions. Your friends and family will be intrigued by a party on a houseboat. Apart from birthday parties and family getaways, other events that can be hosted on the houseboat may include an anniversary party, wedding party, bachelor/bachelorette party, or even a divorce party hosted by one of our recent clients. Whatever party you can think of, you can host it on your houseboat.

3. Amuse- Houseboats can be a great way of entertaining your guests, family, or friends. A houseboat provides a perfect spot for sharing new experiences and making memories with your favourite people. You can host as many friends or family as you like, depending on your houseboat capacity. Choose between hosting a large group of people or a small group for a more intimate experience.

4. Out of the World Sleeping Experience- The relaxing, gentle sway of the water beneath your houseboat will make you fall into a soothing, deep sleep such as you’ve never experienced before. You will wake the next morning refreshed, ready to enjoy the day. Why would you book a beachfront hotel room when you can rent a deluxe hotel suite floating on water?

5. Cruise or Beach- A houseboat allows you to take full control of your holiday Enjoy your weekends in coves, cruise around in a speedboat, or personal watercraft to explore beautiful waterways, anchorages, and fishing hotspots within the vicinity of your houseboat. You can still enjoy the best of the on-land attractions and theme parks the Gold Coast has to offer. Explore endless possibilities and enjoy your holiday to the fullest thanks to your houseboat.

6. Improved Family Bonding- Take your family bonding to the next level with your houseboat holiday. Utilise every minute of your houseboat getaway by talking, bonding, laughing and creating unforgettable memories. Life is short, and you have to enjoy these moments and even repeat them each year if possible.

7. Swim- With your boathouse floating on water, you definitely need to swim. Remember to carry your water toys, including pool noodles, inflatable tubes, and floating lounge chairs, among others. Never forget to put on your life jackets.

8. Fishing- Fishing is another great activity you can enjoy within the comfort of your houseboat. Bring along poles, tackles, bait, and a valid fishing license and fish off your deck. Fry, bake, or grill your catch and enjoy.

9. Enjoy Sunrise and Sunsets- Enjoy the true beauty of sunrise and sunsets from your houseboat while sipping a fabulous morning coffee or having an evening cocktail.

10. Affordable Rates- Houseboating is quite affordable compared to other numerous holiday options. Don’t forget to inquire if your houseboat rental provider offers special offers or discounts.

Bottom Line

Everything you require for a great Gold Coast holiday is on a houseboat – you are the only thing missing!

Therefore, don’t hesitate; treat your family or friends with a well-planned houseboat holiday today. Contact us and let our friendly and experienced staff assist with finding your ideal anchoring locations and breathtaking natural beaches to explore.