[vc_row][vc_column][stm_post_animated_image][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Hi Everyone, hope you have all had a good week, a bit of a mixed bag of weather hanging around the past week with plenty of wind, a few showers and a couple of weather windows for keen Fishos mid-week to get outdoors for a fishing mission on the Gold and Tweed Coasts. Let’s see what’s been on the bite.

As the weather cools down, chasing a Jew Fish particularly at night-time becomes a great option. I have noticed some good-sized schools of Mullet have started to show up on the southern end of the Gold Coast. This is a promising sign as quality Jew Fish will be hunting close by. I prefer to fish the Gold Coast Seaway area at night as the Jew Fish tend to rise in the water column and can hit the Mullet on the surface, the day time boat traffic will spook the both Mullet and Jew Fish. During daylight hours you are best to anchor up over the pipeline, and drop-down live baits or fresh mullet fillet as the fish will be feeding in the deeper water. Jumpinpin Bar is another excellent area to target big Jewfish, especially around the entrance on the Northern side, which has some great deep holes in which bait and predators hide. Large soft plastics and big soft vibe lures work well when drifting through the area. I find the best time to target a big Jewfish is the last 2 hours of the incoming tide, the tide change and the first hour of the runout is the prime bite time. Big Jewfish can be a bit elusive, but if you put in the time and effort the rewards are well worth it.

Reports of some nice Flathead caught in the Tweed River, Broadwater, Jumpinpin and joining estuary systems. Try drifting and throwing soft plastics in the 3” to 4” size range like Zman Minnowz and StreakZ on a 1/4 to 3/8 jig head or working soft or metal vibes depending on water depth. Drifting enables you to cover as much territory as possible until you find an area holding good numbers of fish to concentrate your efforts.

WebBec Clarke caught a nice Flathead for dinner using Yabbies for bait in the Broadwatetr

Brad from Brad Smith Fishing Charters reports the Tweed is still offering up nice Flathead, Whiting, Bream and School Jew. Now the water has cleared fully, the deeper holes in the middle to upper reaches are fishing best. Try the flats during lower light periods or cloudy days by trolling hardbodies or twerking with vibes.

Clint reports in the Broadwater bit of light at the end of the Covid tunnel. I reckon we’re fortunate to live in Australia. Especially Gold Coast! Water and fishing everywhere; it’s not hard to get out and enjoy it with so many options available. I’ve been making a few trips on the Broadwater while the wind was light and tides were neap. Fishing the run-out tides is most productive, or the deeper water on the run-in. I’ve been using Ecogear VX45 and Hurricane blades alongside the usual trusty Ecogear ZX40’s and Samaki soft vibes. The VX’s are terrific lures and mimic small baitfish very well, while the Hurricane Sting 37 blades in Bling prawn colour are super deadly! All of the above are accounting for School Flathead, Squid, Squire, Whiting, Tarwhine and lots of Flounder. Many excellent eating fish are plentiful in our local waters this time of year.

Brian with a nice flathead caught in the Broadwater on a one on one charter with Clint from Brad Smith Fishing Charters

Gavin from Seaprobe Fishing Charters reports after the weather settles down get out there and try the  fads for Dollies using pillies and live baits. Out on the 50s also try live baiting for Ajs, Yellow Tail Kingfish , Snapper and Pearl Perch, in close on the 24s try for Snapper ,Trag Jew and Silver Jew.

I hope you all have a good week and stay healthy and safe. If you have any great catches or photos you would like to share, please email us and let us know how you went.


Jayden Clifford had a great day scoring a nice Bream in the Gold Coast SeawayWeb Callum Woodbury with an impressive Tailor caught on a recent trip off Stradbroke Island[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Stay up to date with all fishing regulations in Queensland https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/business-priorities/fisheries

Seabreeze is a great website to access a local forecast http://www.seabreeze.com.au/graphs/

If you have any great catches to report or fishing photos please email them to  brett@fishotackle.com.au    Good luck with the Fishing.  Brett[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][stm_sidebar sidebar=”651″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Whale Watching On The Gold Coast’s Humpback Highway

Have you ever wanted to get up and personal with one of the gentle giants of the deep? Is seeing whales as they travel through the Gold Coast waters on their annual migration routes on your bucket list? Then now is the time to experience this magical activity!

Whale Watching Season

The 2020 Gold Coast whale watching season is just beginning and will run until November. The best times to almost guarantee sightings would be early June to late October, which is when most whale watching tour boats operate. 

Over the last decade or so, the Gold Coast has enjoyed the longest whale watching season in Australia, and the Eastern Coast of Australia has become what is known as the ‘Humpback Highway’. Regardless of how prepared you think you are for a whale sighting, if you are lucky enough to find a traffic jam on this highway it will be an experience you will never forget!

What To Expect 

Around 25,000 humpback whales travel on a migratory route from Antarctica, past Tasmania and swim through Byron Bay, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. They then head on to the subtropical North Queensland waters each year to mate and give birth in the beautiful warm waters from Hervey Bay, right up to the Great Barrier Reef. 

The large numbers of migrating whales means that your chances of spotting these charismatic animals is actually guaranteed by most whale watching vessels. You can expect to see the mighty male humpbacks earlier in the season, as they lead the charge, ensuring the migration route is safe for the rest of their pod. The females and calves follow their males along the migratory route, moving more slowly as the calves tend to enjoy frolic a bit more than the males. 

You need to have your camera ready as you never know when they are going to appear! You may catch a glimpse in the distance of a huge whale tail slapping the ocean, or a calf coming up to check out what type of animal you are, but if you are one of the lucky ones you could experience a close up view of a huge creature breaching right out of the water and crashing back down into the ocean.

The Best Way To Experience Whale Watching On The Gold Coast

Whale Watching On The Gold Coast’s Humpback Highway 11

Whatever you think you will feel when you see one of these majestic beauties, you can double it and then some. It is an indescribable moment when it occurs. When you feel like you can just stretch out and touch this giant of the sea, or when you are eye to eye with a humpback whale as it glides silently past your vessel, checking you out. 

So you have to make sure that you arrive at the Gold Coast at the right time and the right place to be able to enjoy this experience to the fullest. Coomera Houseboats want to make sure that you have an unforgettable whale watching trip, and there are a couple of ways this can happen.

The whales follow their migratory routes along the east coast of Australia and as the Coomera Houseboat cruising area does not include oceanside cruising, unless you stumble across a whale taking a slight detour, you will need to anchor up and head out to enjoy your whale watching experience.

Whale Watching From A Tour Boat 

Whale Watching On The Gold Coast’s Humpback Highway 12

The best way to enjoy a guaranteed, up close and personal, humpback experience, is to take to the ocean and get out on the Humpback Highway by booking a trip with one of the many whale watching tour boats along the Gold Coast.

There are a couple of tours that operate from Runaway Bay Marina, which is within the Coomera Houseboat cruising area, and this means you don’t have to travel far to start your whale watching experience. Check with the Coomera Houseboat staff and they can let you know the best place to anchor up close to Runaway Bay Marina. 

Sea The Gold Coast

If you enjoy thrill seeking and the adrenaline rush of being right alongside a humpback whale in a small boat sounds like your idea of a perfect day, then ‘Sea The Gold Coast’ that departs from Runaway Bay has a small boat whale watching adventure that would be perfect for you.  https://seathegoldcoast.com.au/

Spirit Of Gold Coast Whale Watching

For those, who think that they would prefer a bigger boat then thankfully there are many other options, such as the Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching. This tour has a great track record when it comes to sighting ‘Migaloo’, the famous Gold Coast white whale. They also offer a guaranteed whale sighting, which means you will be offered a free trip if the whales are elusive and you don’t see any on your cruise. 

This tour departs from Mariner Mirage twice a day, so make sure you chat to our Coomera Houseboat staff before you leave and we will show you where you should anchor and the best way to get to marina mirage that will fit in with your holiday plans. If you choose the 9:30am departure then you can maybe do a Main Beach excursion/swim/surf when you get back, before you head back to your Coomera Houseboat.

On Shore Whale Spotting

Whale Watching On The Gold Coast’s Humpback Highway 13

A different option, for those of you who don’t fancy an ocean tour but would still love to catch a glimpse of one of these magnificent creatures, is to set yourself up in the perfect position along the coastline and have your binoculars and camera ready. 

From Main Beach right down to the Queensland/NSW border and beyond, there are beautiful spots where you can set up a picnic and enjoy a swim or a walk, and keep an eye on the water for the tell-tale splashes. You can choose a place with a good view, that will suit the activities you would like to enjoy while you wait for the Humpback Highway to offer up a photo opportunity you will treasure!

Whale Watching During Your Houseboat Holiday

Whale Watching On The Gold Coast’s Humpback Highway 14

Coomera Houseboats love to be able to make every visitor’s holiday experience match or exceed their expectations. Make sure you let us know if a whale sighting is on your bucket list, and discuss the various options with our team if you are not sure which way to go. 

If you want to head for places that are outside our cruising area we can let you know the best way for your crew to get there. From trams, to rental bikes, to water taxis or Uber … getting to your preferred departure spot so you can experience whale watching is absolutely do-able from your Coomera Houseboat.

The whales are coming, are you ready?

Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays

Tips For Affordable Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays

How do you have a great holiday on the Gold Coast without it costing a fortune? After all, you’re trying to stick to a budget and meet your financial goals, but you really do need a bit of a break. Why not consider renting a Coomera Houseboat for a surprisingly low-cost holiday with your family or friends? 

Houseboat Holidays On A Budget

A houseboat holiday adventure is a great way to enjoy a well-deserved break and spend your hard-earned money wisely. Coomera Houseboats is here to ensure that you can have an amazing holiday that will suit your activity and comfort level, and still stay within your budget expectations. 

When you make the decision to sail away in a Coomera Houseboat, you are combining a lot of your normal holiday costs into one affordable fee. If you check out our fleet options, you will see how the houseboat of your choice is not only your accommodation, it is also your transport between activities, your full kitchen facilities, and the home base for all your adventures. 

You are able to spend every day of your holiday on your houseboat if you wish, and at the same time, you get to experience all that the Gold Coast has to offer!

Top Tips To Get The Best Houseboat At The Lowest Price

Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays 20

If you’re keen to book a budget-friendly Coomera houseboat for your next holiday, then check out our top tips below to grab some great discounts off our normal rental prices!

Don’t Go Past Our Specials Page

Make sure you bookmark our SPECIALS page and keep an eye on the various money-saving discounts that we have coming up. This page will ensure that you get the most out of your Coomera Houseboat rental.

Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays 21

Boat Of The Month

Our BOAT OF THE MONTH special will save you a good percentage off the normal rental fee if you book the vessel that is featured. Keep an eye on this page, as the Boat of the Month does vary, as does the percentage discount, and your favourite vessel could be coming up at any time! Making every dollar count is easy if you use our Boat of the Month discount!

Mystery Deal

If you love a bit of a mystery and adventure and want to save yourself money, then make sure you book your group in for a MYSTERY DEAL. We let you choose which category Houseboat would suit your needs (either 3 cabins, 4 cabins or SPA boat), and then you let us choose the actual vessel for you. 

This deal saves you up to a massive 40% off the normal rental fee and you won’t lose out as all of the Coomera Houseboat vessels are fully equipped, comfortable and ready to go. Get in quick to secure the dates you want, as these money-saving specials go fast!

Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays 22

Last-Minute Deals

If you prefer your holidays to be a spur of the moment, then there is even more money to be saved with our LAST MINUTE DEALS.

We don’t mind if you are not a big planner or if you prefer to check the weather before you book and then call to say that you want a boat tomorrow. This isn’t a problem, in fact, being spontaneous can save you more money. Call us to see what is available, and if we have a vessel free that suits you, then our great last-minute discounted price will give you a pleasant surprise!

If you would like to book a Coomera Houseboat and check-in LESS THAN 7 DAYS from today, you could grab a discount of 20% on a SPA boat or 15% on all other boats.

If you would like to check-in 7-14 DAYS FROM TODAY you can enjoy a 15% discount on SPA boats and 10% on all other boats.

So if you suddenly find yourself with a couple of days on your hands and want to get out on a houseboat and enjoy the Gold Coast, then contact Coomera Houseboats by online form or phone, and see if we have an available vessel that will suit your trip!

Saving Money on Provisions

Gold Coast Houseboat Holidays 23

If you have a houseboat booked and you need to stay within a strict budget, then the way you provision your vessel can make a difference.

Our Coomera Houseboats team is happy to assist you if you need the lowest cost option. With provisioning, all that means is a bit of planning on your part where you write a shopping list and pre-purchase your food and drinks and bring them with you when it’s time to board. This gives you the opportunity to purchase lower-cost food items and ensure provisions stay within your budget!

Of course, our full catering option is pretty awesome, but maybe you can go with that option on your next trip. We do find that a lot of our customers do get hooked on houseboat holidays, and once you have enjoyed yourself on a Coomera Houseboat you will probably find that it also becomes your preferred holiday too. 

Coomera Houseboats – ready to get you out on the water for an amazing, budget-friendly holiday experience of a lifetime!

A Guide To The Best Beaches On The Gold Coast

Coomera Houseboats Cruising Area

If you are considering renting one of our Coomera Houseboat fleet but you are not sure where you can go or which Gold Coast beaches are the best, then this blog is just for you!

Coomera Houseboats has one of the largest, safest and most sheltered cruising areas you will find with so much to explore, see and do. You can choose from a large number of beaches to find the perfect ones to suit your chosen activities. 

Everyone knows that the famous surf beaches are situated along the Main Beach strip, around Surfers Paradise and right along the coast down to Tallebudgera. They are all pristine, white sandy surf beaches that are featured on Gold Coast posters and shown on every Gold Coast ad. 

Are they amazing? Of course they are! Are they the best beaches on the Gold Coast? Well, that all comes down to your personal taste and the reasons you want to visit the Gold Coast. 

In this blog, we’re going to let you in on all of the top class ‘local secret spots’ that you can enjoy away from the crowds, and they are all within the Coomera Houseboat cruising area. Why not enjoy your very own unspoilt white sandy beach that you motor across to on a luxury Coomera Houseboat? This then gives you a fantastic basecamp from which you can explore as much, or as little, as you would like to on a daily basis. 

Of course, you can also easily get to any of the famous Gold Coast tourist beaches from your Coomera Houseboat, just make sure to ask our staff about the best places to anchor to get to the beach of your choice. As they are all oceanside surf beaches they are outside our cruising area. However, you can get close enough to jump on a tram or in an Uber, or just enjoy a short stroll up the road, so you can tell everyone you walked on the sands and jumped in the waves of Main Beach, in Surfers Paradise. 

Karragarra Island

A Guide To The Best Beaches On The Gold Coast 31

Karragarra Island, alongside North Stradbroke Island between Russell and Macleay islands, is a great destination that includes a sandy, family-safe beach with a protected swimming area near the jetty. You can make use of the barbecues and picnic tables, and enjoy the shady trees while the kids are in the playground. 

Karragarra Island is the smallest of the southern islands beside North Stradbroke and is about 500m wide and 2km long. Everything here is within easy walking distance with virtually no traffic which makes it the perfect place to relax with your family and escape the hustle and bustle of the glitter strip!

South Stradbroke Island

A Guide To The Best Beaches On The Gold Coast 32

One hidden gem you can’t miss out on is South Stradbroke Island, known by the locals as ‘South Straddie’. 

South Stradbroke Island is an 1800 hectare conservation park kept in pristine condition by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. You can enjoy unspoilt beaches, spine tingling sand dunes, and lush rainforests, as well as maybe being lucky enough to spot some of the native wildlife!

The southern tip of this local favourite is only 200 metres away from the Spit (just north of Main Beach), and is one of the most beloved places to surf on the Gold Coast. 

You can find a spot to anchor your Coomera Houseboat so you can enjoy the calm waterways, or set out across the island to the 22km pristine surf beach if you are looking for a more adventurous day on the beach, with hardly anyone else fighting you for the perfect wave. 

There are no bridges or roads to South Stradbroke Island, so this means that the beaches and surf spots are definitely not crowded and those with their own vessel are among the only ones that have access. 

Slipping Sands

A Guide To The Best Beaches On The Gold Coast 33

Every local will have their own favourite spot on South Straddie, but ours is without doubt, Slipping Sands. This is an unparalleled stretch of golden sand at the top of South Straddie, near Jumpinpin Bar. 

This area is known by the locals as ‘Millionaire’s Row’, as every weekend you will see the bigger, more expensive, luxury boats turn up to allow the owners to enjoy the simply fantastic attractions of this beach. Slipping Sands is perfect for swimming and beach walks and has easy access to the wide deserted ocean beach and the amazing sand dunes that gives the beach it’s name.

It’s a great place to take your Coomera Houseboat as you can anchor in the safe cove, and then explore the stretches of sandy edges, or venture across to the Surf Beach for some fun in the surf. 

The calm waters of the cove are excellent for children. You will need to watch the tides for this visit but if this sounds like a place you want to see, just chat to our staff and they can explain the best place to anchor and how long you should stay.

Paradise Point

A Guide To The Best Beaches On The Gold Coast 34

About 25 minutes north of Surfers Paradise and away from the well-beaten tourist path, this is another beach that is popular with the locals. Paradise Point stretches for about 2km along the beachfront, facing the Broadwater and safe anchorage is available for your houseboat right near the park.

There are a large number of separate undercover areas with free BBQ facilities and running hot and cold water, multiple kids playgrounds, mature trees that offer plenty of shade and a protected swimming area on the beach with a pier to tie your boat up to. 

Multiple restaurants and cafes across the road from the park offer easy dining options, or an ice cream to enjoy overlooking the water. All in all, an excellent family beach location that you could easily spend a couple of glorious days in!

If you are lucky enough to have a Coomera Houseboats vessel on New Year’s Eve then this is the place to be. You will need to anchor a couple of days early to ensure you get to enjoy the 9pm fireworks display and some live music with the locals.

Harley Park

A Guide To The Best Beaches On The Gold Coast 35

Just one km’s walk away from our cruising ground, a little further up the coast and within sight of Surfers paradise, Harley Park on the Labrador Foreshore is a quiet stretch of sand, perfect for you to throw down a towel and enjoy the sunshine. This is also the spot to come and enjoy some fresh Gold Coast seafood! One of the largest, and most popular seafood venues is located right on the beach. 

Charis Seafood is well worth a visit. Stocked with cooked and fresh fish, oysters, mussels, clams, scallops, squid, octopus, crab, bugs, and more, you can be sure you will be able to enjoy a feed with the pelicans or take some fresh seafood back to your Coomera houseboat where you can cook up a meal to remember.

Broadwater Parklands 

A Guide To The Best Beaches On The Gold Coast 36

While this one isn’t within the cruising grounds, just jump on a water taxi and get on your way. Although not technically known as a ‘beach’, this is still a favourite beachside hang out of many locals and tourists alike. Located down the road from Surfers Paradise, opposite Australia Fair in Southport, the Gold Coast’s Broadwater Parklands offers a world class range of facilities for everyone to enjoy. 

You will find a vast expanse of green in the heart of the parklands if you want to enjoy a picnic ashore, as well as the Rockpools water playground that is a favourite with the kids. Young kids can enjoy spouting water animals and small waterfalls, as well as a variety of pool areas and creek beds with water filling up and emptying on timers. For older kids, a fun-filled water adventure awaits with pop jets squirting water throughout the play area and waterfalls cascading down the rockpools. 

Of course, the famous Gold Coast beach that runs alongside Broadwater Parklands will not fail to impress, with a safe swimming zone and the pristine white sand the Gold Coast is famous for.

When you have booked your houseboat in for your next holiday, take the time to check out our cruising grounds map and work out which Gold Coast beaches you can’t afford to miss! Alternatively, contact us and let us know your plans, our friendly staff are always happy to recommend the best anchorages for your trip. 

Why The Gold Coast Is Great For Family Holidays

The family holiday! Always such a great time away with your loved ones, sharing precious moments, creating memories that will last a lifetime… especially if you get it wrong!

It is so hard to find that perfect place for a holiday. Somewhere with the perfect mix of relaxation and activities that your whole family will enjoy. Younger children need age-appropriate activities designed just for them, while your older children need things to do that will keep them entertained happily for hours.

Then, if you have teenagers, they need to actually look forward to visiting, without commenting continually that they don’t want to go because it is all old-fashioned, boring or just plain dull!

This is without even contemplating anything that you, as the parents and provider of this family holiday, will be able to enjoy.

Well, come a little closer as I let you all in on a little secret … Coomera Houseboats knows the perfect family holiday spot that will suit your whole family – and whoever else you want to bring!

“Where is it?”I hear you all asking… Well, maybe the title of this blog has given you a slight hint? Yes – Come on down to the Gold Coast and your family holiday will be something you all love and want to remember!

The Gold Coast Has Something For The Whole Family

From our amazing beaches, surf and water activities, to the magical Hinterland walks and views, there are experiences, events, and activities that will cater to the ages of your kids, or what they want to experience; the Gold Coast has something for everyone. 

Then, on top of all of that, there are theme parks and attractions!

Why The Gold Coast Is Great For Family Holidays 42

Once you have arrived on the Gold Coast you are spoilt for choice with the theme parks and attractions you can visit, including:

  • Warner Bros. Movie World
  • Sea World
  • Wet’n’Wild
  • Paradise Country
  • Australian Outback Spectacular
  • Topgolf
  • WhiterWater World
  • SkyPoint

With a Village Roadshow Theme Park pass you can visit Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild, Paradise Country and receive discounts at both Australian Outback Spectacular AND Topgolf! Make sure you check out deals and offers closer to the day you visit, or grab an annual pass if you’re planning on taking a few Gold Coast family holidays this year.

Likewise, WhiteWater World and SkyPoint can all be included in a pass, giving you access to Australia’s Biggest theme park as well as the Gold Coast’s highest observation deck and discounts to Australia’s highest external climb. Check online for ticket prices, family discounts, and upcoming events or activities that suit you! 

Why The Gold Coast Is Great For Family Holidays 43

Enjoy The Gold Coast On A Coomera Houseboat

Along with the fantastic events, attractions and venues above, the absolute best thing about holidaying on the Gold Coast with your family, is when you do it in style – aboard a Coomera Houseboat.

A Coomera Houseboat holiday is one of the best family adventures on the Gold Coast you can have. With houseboats that have up to 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and areas where parents can hideaway, there is the perfect vessel waiting for your family.

You can use our private jetty as a luxury base if you want to explore the local theme parks or Hinterland, then it’s a quick drive back for you to relax on your houseboat after a fun-filled day, and get ready for the next adventure. 

Once you have exhausted the local venues and attractions you can add some excitement to your family holiday by heading out into the waterways to enjoy even more of what the Gold Coast has to offer, including:

  • Great fishing and crabbing from the boats or from our tenders
  • Swimming or snorkelling in one of the many beautiful sandy beaches in our cruising area
  • Exploring the uninhabited surf side beaches on South Stradbroke Island
  • Bushwalking along many of the tracks on South Stradbroke Island
  • Cooking up a family BBQ on the houseboat
  • Island-hop around the spectacular Gold Coast waterways – our staff can give you directions to the spots that the locals love!
Why The Gold Coast Is Great For Family Holidays 44

The benefits of visiting a gorgeous spot like Gold Coast’s Stradbroke Island is that not only can you enjoy the beautiful island for free, but there are also some paid activities you can try to up the adrenalin factor. 

From traditional kayaking and paddleboarding to adrenalin-pumping four-wheel driving and sandboarding, there is something for every family at these holiday destinations on the Gold Coast.

Why The Gold Coast Is Great For Family Holidays 45

Book Your Stay On A Coomera Houseboat

Compare the price of one of our luxury houseboats against hotels with the same facilities, similar access to water views, attractions and the best beaches and you will see that choosing a Coomera Houseboat is not only the BEST way to enjoy the Gold Coast but the most cost-efficient way to enjoy the family holiday of your dreams.

Check out our Coomera Houseboats to choose the right size vessel and facilities for your family, decide how you would like to get your provisions (we offer a few different options) and book online or call our staff to lock in your choice of vessel today!

Don’t panic if you have never been the captain of your own vessel before, as we will give you all the training you need when you arrive – no boating licence is required. We can also help with ideas for places your family would like to explore, and then you can start to plan your dream holiday.

A great houseboat, world-class attractions, an incredible waterway and your whole family, what more could you want? Get ready for a fantastic time away!

Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat

As the Christmas memories begin to fade, and the bruises from the friendly Australia Day cricket match disappear, we start to count down to our next holiday… Easter! For most of us it brings with it four whole days of freedom. No work, no school, just relaxing and doing whatever it is you dream about for most of the year. Which is … what?

Visiting family? Grabbing breakfast, lunch or coffee on the waterfront? Sleeping in? Fishing, surfing or enjoying our beautiful beaches?

What if you could combine everything you look forward to and have an unforgettable weekend with as many of your friends or family that you choose, at a surprisingly budget friendly cost? 

You can with Coomera Houseboats. Booking one of our luxury houseboats is a memorable way to spend your Easter holiday, and allows you to pack in a lot of activities into a long weekend break.   

Settle back, get comfortable and let me paint the scene for you…

You wake up on the morning of Good Friday and smile as you remember that it is finally Easter weekend and you are on holiday. You can hear the sound of the ocean and maybe one or two of your friends and family laughing, or talking softly.

The coffee is brewing and someone is cooking bacon and eggs. You look out the window and can see the pristine white sands of an amazing beach leading off into the distance, and know that you have this perfect little cove to yourself. 

Mates hanging out on luxury houseboat for Easter holiday.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 53

Your only job is to choose what you would like to do after breakfast. Maybe a swim first, or snorkel around and check out what you can see, then come and relax in one of the sun loungers on the deck of this fantastic houseboat? You could have some fun in the 12-foot dinghy or maybe throw some fishing lines into the water to try and catch fresh fish for dinner? 

After lunch enjoy some time on the paddle boards you brought along and then go ashore and explore the cove before heading back to the houseboat for an amazing dinner – either the fresh fish you caught earlier, or one of the meals you ordered from Prestidge Catering that were packed in the fridge for you. 

Does that sound like the sort of Easter getaway you and your family or friends would love? If so, keep reading to find out how to make it happen!

Family paddle boarding in Gold Coast for Easter holiday.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 54

How To Book A Houseboat For Your Easter Holiday

Head over to our Houseboat Fleet page where you can see photos and a description of each vessel. Check the features they have, show your friends and family, then make your choice. 

Once you’ve chosen the best houseboat to suit your group, add your dates and book online. Then one of our experienced staff will get in touch and do all they can to make sure this holiday will be one that you are talking about for years to come. Don’t linger for too long, as we are already receiving bookings for Easter weekend and we don’t want you to miss out! 

You may think that you could never spend your Easter holiday on a houseboat as you have no experience with boats. This is not the case! All you need to worry about before your trip, is which houseboat to choose, and how you would like to provision it. Read more in our article Houseboating Basics for First Timers.

Houseboat Dining: Self-Catering Or Prepared Meals

We have a few different choices for dining aboard your vessel, depending on how luxurious you want your Easter weekend to be. Check out our facilities page for further details.  

Prepared Meals

You could order prepared meals from Prestidge Catering and your fridge will be filled with all the goodies you have chosen, and your meals will just have to be heated and enjoyed! 

Prestidge Catering takes care of all your meals on a luxury houseboat.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 55


If you prefer to use our fully equipped kitchens to create meals of your choice and maybe include fresh fish caught from the deck of the houseboat, then you can either shop before you leave home, or grab some groceries at one of the supermarkets around the Coomera Houseboats jetty. You can unload and pack your groceries into the fridge yourself, or even shop online prior to your arrival and we can unpack your groceries onto the vessel in preparation of your arrival. 

Houseboat kitchen and dining area for self-catering on Easter holiday.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 56

You can discuss these options when you book your houseboat if you wish, and our staff will do all they can to assist. We can even let you know where you can sail to for a great meal in and around the Gold Coast waterways. 

Sail Away On A Houseboat For Your Easter Holiday 

Now you are on the houseboat, the food is all packed away and your luggage is onboard. This is the best part so far… you now become the captain of your own destiny! 

We push you off and watch you sail away to the ultimate Gold Coast luxury getaway … oh wait, before we do that… one of our experienced skippers will show you everything you need to know, and they will even go with you and hand you the controls of your vessel to ensure that both you and he is happy that you are able to handle the vessel easily. 

You do not need a licence to drive a houseboat – not even a car licence. We always make sure when we go out, that there are a few members of the crew that are able to slip the captain’s hat on … so, share the job around and you can all enjoy your time away! Read our FAQs if you need more details.

Family Easter holiday on a luxury houseboat.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 57

Your next choice … where to go? Again, before you head off for your best weekend ever, our staff will have given you maps showing the cruising areas you need to stay in, and can show you the best spots to enjoy whatever leisure activities your crew is looking forward to. So, make sure you ask the questions to find out where the stunning white sand dunes are, or where the fish are biting, or the best crabs are hiding out. 

Sailing the Gold Coast waterways on a houseboat Easter holiday.
Celebrate Easter In Style On A Luxury Houseboat 58

So, decision made, you are about to embark on your ultimate Easter holiday on a Coomera Houseboat, there is only one thing left to do… crack open the sunscreen and get going!

Make sure you send us some photos of your amazing time exploring the Gold Coast waterways this Easter on your Coomera Houseboat! 

Top Reasons To Honeymoon On A Houseboat

Congratulations on your engagement, and how are you going with the wedding planning?

Whoever thought that organising a wedding was fun and romantic?! It’s crazy, there is so much to do! Once the guest list is complete, the venue has to be organised, invitations sent out, cakes tasted…..and then the dress altered to fit after way too many cake tastings! 

You are probably still working on your seating plan for the reception – I mean, where do you put Aunty Joan that isn’t too close to the bar, or the microphone, or her ex-husband … yes, those choices may take a while!

What all engaged couples need to remember, is that your wedding day is to celebrate you and your new life as a family, and not just for your relatives and friends to enjoy a couple of drinks at your expense.

Web 10
Top Reasons To Honeymoon On A Houseboat 62

Why Not Sail Away On A Houseboat?

Coomera Houseboats are experts at making sure that the stresses of the big day, and the months of planning, all fade into happy, distant memories, as you climb aboard the houseboat of your choice and sail off to a beautiful bay, miles from anywhere, away from everyone. 

Picture the sun setting in the background and you and your new spouse both sipping champagne on the deck watching a pod of dolphins frolic around you! 

Life doesn’t get any better than this, the perfect start to a wonderful marriage – a honeymoon aboard a Coomera houseboat.

Now that you have that image firmly planted in your heads, let’s look at the facts

sports man and woman on vacation sport on stand up paddle board SUP newlyweds
Top Reasons To Honeymoon On A Houseboat 63

Plan Your Honeymoon Getaway

What is a honeymoon? This is a time to celebrate your new beginning and should be an unforgettable escape. The best honeymoon memories are created when you have chosen a romantic destination or accommodation venue, away from your friends and family, so you can spend time just with each other.

Are you after a more exciting, adventurous time away? Do you want to enjoy some jet skiing, paddleboarding, kayaking, or even exploring our waterways and beaches with a bit of scuba diving?

Or perhaps you’re dreaming of sleeping the morning away before you enjoy brunch that your wonderful spouse has cooked up in the full kitchen, relaxing the day away in sun loungers, and then enjoying the sunset while soaking blissfully in a spa on the deck…sound good?

With a fleet of Coomera Houseboats on offer, you can choose the vessel that suits your plans!

Who Wants To Cook? Enjoy A Fully Catered Experience

Our houseboats are fully equipped, or you can choose a catered experience that will allow you the convenience and luxury of not having to plan, shop, load and cook!

Check out the details and the Prestidge Catering menu, on the Coomera Houseboats facilities page, then choose the meals you like. When you arrive on your houseboat you will find your fridge packed with top-class dishes that will allow you to enjoy your honeymoon without the meal prep!

Take Advantage Of Our Grocery Delivery Option

However, if meal prep is something you enjoy, and you prefer to make use of the full kitchen on the houseboat, there is also an option to have groceries delivered to your houseboat through Coles or Woolworths online shopping.

Our staff can give you details when you are booking, and will even have your groceries packed into the kitchen on your houseboat for you!

Houseboat Honeymoons Are Budget Friendly

Hiring a Coomera Houseboat for your perfect Honeymoon getaway is an option that will fit your budget.

Consider how much a Gold Coast waterfront hotel would cost, then add in your meal costs, and the cost of travel. If you are the captain of your own houseboat these things all come in one neat package!

Plus you can go where the wind takes you. Enjoy the freshness of the ocean breeze, and the privacy and seclusion of the houseboat. Choose the best scenery, the perfect location, and the memories you make together will last a lifetime.

Top Reasons To Honeymoon On A Houseboat 64

A Honeymoon That’s A Little Different From The Norm

Coomera Houseboats will give you a honeymoon to remember! 

Coomera Houseboats is only a 5-minute drive from Dreamworld, and 10 minutes from Movie World and Wet’n’Wild. You can choose to stay tied to our jetty for a day or two if you would like to experience the theme parks or enjoy some Hinterland adventures around our location.

If there are specific water activities or Gold Coast experiences you would like to experience, you can speak to our staff when you book and they will assist you with your planning and ensure you have the honeymoon of your dreams! 

As well as spending your honeymoon aboard a Coomera houseboat, some couples have used the houseboat as the wedding venue and actually held the ceremony on the roomy top deck with a small group of guests, and then they cruise away into the sunset on their own. It all depends on what your needs are!

Honeymoons and Coomera Houseboats – a perfect marriage indeed.

Houseboating Basics For First Timers

Consider being the captain of your own houseboat, you and your family floating wherever the tides take you, to explore pristine coves and beaches, to catch fish right from the back deck and have it served up as beautiful and tasty as a masterchef creation within half an hour …. Sounds like the perfect holiday, right? Of course, it is! 

The only thing holding you back is the fact that you are not a ‘boatie’, you have never driven a boat, have no idea how to read a navigation chart, drop an anchor or flush a boat toilet and imagine your holiday turning into a tragic tale of survival on the high seas… don’t panic!

Houseboat Instruction For First-Timers

You can do it! We will show you how, and you do NOT need a licence to drive a Houseboat.

That’s right, NO license is required.

If you are over 18 years of age … here comes the clincher … and you display good common sense and a safe attitude (now you are thinking that there go half of your family or friends), then you can be the captain of one of our houseboats. You do not even have to have a car driver’s licence. 

All of our fleets are safely equipped. They’re easy to drive and travel the amazing Gold Coast waterways, at the safe speed of 6 knots.

If you’re imagining packing up your car, trailer, van or bus with all your luggage, racing to pick up your houseboat and careening off around the waterways with your family and friends, using the islands and other boats as bumper bars while you try to navigate your way backwards, sideways or however you can to get to your destination. Ummm, no! 

We do value our fleet and the lives of your crewmates! Can anyone drive a houseboat, yes – as per conditions above. Do we take your money, push you off and wave you goodbye while we have our fingers crossed behind our backs hoping you all make it back in one piece – no! 

When you arrive at Coomera Houseboats, you will be met by your very own ‘personal briefer’. Your personal briefer, who holds either a Coxswain or Master V marine qualification will take you onto your houseboat and brief you on the boat operations and safety, and will answer any questions or concerns you have regarding operating anything on the vessel. 

When you are ready, your briefer will drive your houseboat out of our marina, and let you take control. Once both you and he agree that you can now safely operate the vessel, the personal briefer will depart the houseboat. So, as long as you make sure that you ask them any questions you have, you will be fine. If at any stage of your holiday, you are unsure about something, we will let you know the best way to contact us for more information, instruction or assistance.

So no license required, just a combination of our experience and your safe and sensible attitude.

Provisions For Your Houseboat Holiday


You need to bring food, drink and supplies for a houseboat holiday. You have several choices when it comes to supplying your vessel with all the food, drinks and snacks you need. 

Your first choice is to shop before you arrive and bring it all with you. No need to stress if you forget something as there are supermarkets just 10 minutes away from our marina. You can also use Coles or Woolworths online and have your order delivered directly to the marina, where our team will pack the groceries onto your vessel prior to your arrival. 

We also now have catering options available! If you choose this option you will arrive on your houseboat with the fridge stacked full of already prepared meals ready to be heated and enjoyed.

Just let our team know if you decide on an online shop or a catered option when you book your vessel and we will ensure your fridge is stocked and your houseboat galley is ready to go.

Stay In Your Houseboat At Our Marina 

Coomera Houseboat Holidays is situated just behind Dreamworld, in our very own modern, purpose-built 27 berth marina. The only people you will see on our jetties are our customers enjoying their breakaway just like you. You are welcome to stay at our marina on your houseboat if you want to check out the theme parks!

Tackle Shop

Some of the features on our marina include:

  • 100 car park spaces in a fully fenced, floodlit, security patrolled car park

  • Modern office and check-in reception area

  • Boat launching facilities  and secure parking for boat trailers (if you decide to take your own tender)

  • Fully stocked bait & tackle shop with everything you need to catch plenty of fish!

  • Party ice, block ice and general outdoor supplies

  • Trolleys – for ease of loading everything onto your houseboat.

What Does A Houseboat Have Onboard? 

Stepping aboard one of our Coomera Houseboat Holiday houseboats is like walking into a modern fully self-contained holiday apartment, but sometimes bigger. We strive to provide the safest, most modern, best-presented houseboats on the water. 

Our vessels have different inclusions, so make sure you look at the checklist of your chosen vessel, but here is a taste of what they can include:


  • 12-foot dinghy (outboard motor hire available)

  • Comprehensive navigational aids/charts

  • Electric anchor winches

  • Full safety gear including life jackets.


  • Hot and cold showers

  • Toilet

  • Crockery and cutlery, cooking utensils – including BBQ equipment

  • Fridge/freezer and extra separate icebox

  • Cooking equipment, saucepans and crab cooker

  • Basic essentials including toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, sponges, garbage bags, guest hand soaps, matches etc.

  • Full linen – including all bedding and towelling (we recommend you bring your own beach towel!)

  • Outdoor furniture and sun lounges 

  • BBQ

  • A gas hot water system

  • Extensive water and fuel capacity

  • Microwaves, hairdryers, dishwashers 

  • Rod holders and bait boards.

What more could you ask for! 

So, now that you know you can do it – check out our fleet, choose the vessel that will suit your group perfectly, and book it in before someone else does! We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please do contact us.

See you on the Gold Coast soon!

13 Adventurous Gold Coast Outdoor Activities You Really Should Try!

If you’re planning a trip to the Gold Coast, you will invariably be looking forward to spending time on our white sandy beaches, soaking up the sun and maybe testing your balance on a surfboard – and with our spectacular coastline stretching for more than 50 kilometres, why not?! Even if you don’t surf, there are surf lessons that will have you ‘hanging ten’ like a pro in a couple of hours! 

But keep in mind that there is so much more you could see or experience while visiting this area. Whether you are holidaying on your own, bringing your children, dragging your friends along, or wanting to share experiences with a larger group, the Gold Coast is the perfect adventure playground!

1. Theme Parks


Yes, everyone visiting the Gold Coast will know we have Theme Parks, and it would be remiss of us not to mention them. Of course, a visit to a Gold Coast theme park is a MUST DO – at least once! 

The Gold Coast is spoilt for choice with Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild, White Water World and Dreamworld for you to choose from, so why not try and get to all of them! If you have hired one of our amazing houseboats, it’s an easy 5-minute car trip to Dreamworld or 10 minutes to Movie World from our jetty!

However, for those who want to step out of their comfort zone, or experience a little more of an adrenaline rush, then tighten your seatbelts and check out these other activities…

2. The TreeTop Challenge


Would you love to push your fears to the limits flying through the tree canopy on one of more than 11 extreme flying foxes? Maybe you would enjoy pushing yourself to climb, jump and clamber through one of the many white knuckle high rope challenges set in dense rainforest less than 200m from Currumbin Beach? 

If you are over the age of seven, and the answer was a resounding YES, and not a whimpering nooooooo … then this outdoor adventure centre is for you!


  • Zipline over crocodiles, kangaroos, dingoes and emus

  • Over 80 challenging elements to tackle

  • 11 epic ziplines

  • 4 levels to tackle, from easy through to extreme.

Check out more info here: The Treetop Challenge.

3. Jetpack Adventures

Are you ready for the ultimate watersport adventure? Guaranteed to get you flying, your experience is only timed on your actual above water fly time. Wetsuits, helmets, refreshments and instruction are all provided, so why are you waiting? Book your visit now

4. Gold Coast Wake Park

Whether you want to ride, play or party, this Gold Coast wake park has an activity for all the family! Take your own board, or hire one of theirs, just give it a go! They also have an aqua park onsite for anyone not wanting to jump on a wakeboard, so all the family will enjoy the day!

5. Cougal Cascades


© Cougal Cascades by Dean Trezise

Maybe your idea of an amazing day out away from the surf and sand is to don your not too drastic walking shoes and head down an easy path next to Currumbin Creek, alongside a series of small waterfalls and rock pools? If so, you really need to check out Cougal Cascades at Springbrook National Park!

The track is suitable for prams and wheelchairs, and you will find viewing platforms to allow great views of the cascades and picnic tables are provided. This is the perfect place to cool off on a hot day, so why not take a picnic and enjoy some time away from the crowds at the beach!

6. Lamington National Park

For those looking for more of a challenge, you should head out to Lamington National Park! 

With over 320 kilometres of walking tracks, there will be one for you!

Enjoy walking through subtropical rainforest, along nature walks and hikes suitable for every level of fitness, besides amazing flora and fauna, through caves, over suspended bridges and being able to stop and enjoy breathtaking views of the Hinterland. Check out more info here.

7. Gold Coast Watersports

Get your adrenaline flowing as you ride the waves on a jetski, or even fly high above the Gold Coast beaches in a parasail! Choose your perfect activity or simply let your family have all the fun while you relax poolside with a cocktail in hand. Gold Coast Watersports is located just down the road from Sea World Resort – leaving you to make the most of the resort’s bars and restaurants.

8. Bike Hire Gold Coast


You can experience the beauty of the Gold Coast with the sun on your back and the wind in your face, in a way that is refreshing and new! With an abundance of bike hire companies on the Gold Coast, you can pick and choose the one that suits your plans. 

You can meander along the amazing coastline on paved bikeways, at a speed that suits your group. Why not stop off for ice cream while you take in the amazing view, and continue at your own pace?

9. Gold Coast Skydive


So, you would like to see as much of the coastline as possible, but don’t want to spend every day at the beach? Well then, this is the adventure for you! What else can I say, except… GERONIMO!!!!!!

10. Whale Watching


How could you come to the Gold Coast and not experience this magical moment? 

If you decide to hire one of our houseboats, you will be close to all kinds of sea creatures, but booking a whale watch is the best way to see this for yourself! Choose from the multitude of Whale Watching adventure tours on the Gold Coast and make sure your camera is at the ready!

11. Gold Coast Island Buggy Tours


If the idea of exploring Couran Cove Resort on one of these buggies sounds great, then get yourself into the driver’s seat and go, explore! The half-day of fun also includes access to the resort facilities. Jump online and check out the details NOW!

12. Hot Air Balloon


I had to leave this until last, because how else are you going to see as much of the Gold Coast? 

Enjoy a champagne breakfast and an experience of a lifetime! What a way to complete a houseboating holiday on the Gold Coast!


13. Houseboating

We might be a little biased, but we think the perfect kind of adventure is one where you can fit the whole family and don’t have to pack up and head back to the hotel at the end of the day… because your accommodation is right there with you. A houseboat has the best of both worlds, adventure at your doorstep and no queues, lines or extra money to spend. Motor to your favourite spot (ask our team for a few of the best) and get ready for the holiday you’ve always dreamed of.