As the Christmas memories begin to fade, and the bruises from the friendly Australia Day cricket match disappear, we start to count down to our next holiday… Easter! For most of us it brings with it four whole days of freedom. No work, no school, just relaxing and doing whatever it is you dream about for most of the year. Which is … what?

Visiting family? Grabbing breakfast, lunch or coffee on the waterfront? Sleeping in? Fishing, surfing or enjoying our beautiful beaches?

What if you could combine everything you look forward to and have an unforgettable weekend with as many of your friends or family that you choose, at a surprisingly budget friendly cost? 

You can with Coomera Houseboats. Booking one of our luxury houseboats is a memorable way to spend your Easter holiday, and allows you to pack in a lot of activities into a long weekend break.   

Settle back, get comfortable and let me paint the scene for you…

You wake up on the morning of Good Friday and smile as you remember that it is finally Easter weekend and you are on holiday. You can hear the sound of the ocean and maybe one or two of your friends and family laughing, or talking softly.

The coffee is brewing and someone is cooking bacon and eggs. You look out the window and can see the pristine white sands of an amazing beach leading off into the distance, and know that you have this perfect little cove to yourself. 

Mates hanging out on luxury houseboat for Easter holiday.

Your only job is to choose what you would like to do after breakfast. Maybe a swim first, or snorkel around and check out what you can see, then come and relax in one of the sun loungers on the deck of this fantastic houseboat? You could have some fun in the 12-foot dinghy or maybe throw some fishing lines into the water to try and catch fresh fish for dinner? 

After lunch enjoy some time on the paddle boards you brought along and then go ashore and explore the cove before heading back to the houseboat for an amazing dinner – either the fresh fish you caught earlier, or one of the meals you ordered from Prestidge Catering that were packed in the fridge for you. 

Does that sound like the sort of Easter getaway you and your family or friends would love? If so, keep reading to find out how to make it happen!

Family paddle boarding in Gold Coast for Easter holiday.

How To Book A Houseboat For Your Easter Holiday

Head over to our Houseboat Fleet page where you can see photos and a description of each vessel. Check the features they have, show your friends and family, then make your choice. 

Once you’ve chosen the best houseboat to suit your group, add your dates and book online. Then one of our experienced staff will get in touch and do all they can to make sure this holiday will be one that you are talking about for years to come. Don’t linger for too long, as we are already receiving bookings for Easter weekend and we don’t want you to miss out! 

You may think that you could never spend your Easter holiday on a houseboat as you have no experience with boats. This is not the case! All you need to worry about before your trip, is which houseboat to choose, and how you would like to provision it. Read more in our article Houseboating Basics for First Timers.

Houseboat Dining: Self-Catering Or Prepared Meals

We have a few different choices for dining aboard your vessel, depending on how luxurious you want your Easter weekend to be. Check out our facilities page for further details.  

Prepared Meals

You could order prepared meals from Prestidge Catering and your fridge will be filled with all the goodies you have chosen, and your meals will just have to be heated and enjoyed! 

Prestidge Catering takes care of all your meals on a luxury houseboat.


If you prefer to use our fully equipped kitchens to create meals of your choice and maybe include fresh fish caught from the deck of the houseboat, then you can either shop before you leave home, or grab some groceries at one of the supermarkets around the Coomera Houseboats jetty. You can unload and pack your groceries into the fridge yourself, or even shop online prior to your arrival and we can unpack your groceries onto the vessel in preparation of your arrival. 

Houseboat kitchen and dining area for self-catering on Easter holiday.

You can discuss these options when you book your houseboat if you wish, and our staff will do all they can to assist. We can even let you know where you can sail to for a great meal in and around the Gold Coast waterways. 

Sail Away On A Houseboat For Your Easter Holiday 

Now you are on the houseboat, the food is all packed away and your luggage is onboard. This is the best part so far… you now become the captain of your own destiny! 

We push you off and watch you sail away to the ultimate Gold Coast luxury getaway … oh wait, before we do that… one of our experienced skippers will show you everything you need to know, and they will even go with you and hand you the controls of your vessel to ensure that both you and he is happy that you are able to handle the vessel easily. 

You do not need a licence to drive a houseboat – not even a car licence. We always make sure when we go out, that there are a few members of the crew that are able to slip the captain’s hat on … so, share the job around and you can all enjoy your time away! Read our FAQs if you need more details.

Family Easter holiday on a luxury houseboat.

Your next choice … where to go? Again, before you head off for your best weekend ever, our staff will have given you maps showing the cruising areas you need to stay in, and can show you the best spots to enjoy whatever leisure activities your crew is looking forward to. So, make sure you ask the questions to find out where the stunning white sand dunes are, or where the fish are biting, or the best crabs are hiding out. 

Sailing the Gold Coast waterways on a houseboat Easter holiday.

So, decision made, you are about to embark on your ultimate Easter holiday on a Coomera Houseboat, there is only one thing left to do… crack open the sunscreen and get going!

Make sure you send us some photos of your amazing time exploring the Gold Coast waterways this Easter on your Coomera Houseboat!